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#Hueyapan, #Mexico: Manifesto for Autonomy

To fight against the sytem… Autonomy and self-government! World solidarity with the community of Hueyapan, Mexico.


Originally published by Ruptura Colectiva

Hueyapan’s autonomy and libertarian self-government aim to various objectives: a collective and anti-capitalist economy that is self-run by the farmers, artists and small local business people, focusing on producing riches to be available to everyone in a communal treasury; a direct democracy—without payrolls and political parties—to elect their representatives from each block and from each neighborhood, forming counsels—with the right of revocation—that delegates different tasks of administration and supervision; the re-strengthening of the Community Guard “Los Tigres”, an organ of autonomous security that since 2014 has organized against the abuses and arbitrary detentions of the state police, and to prevent the clandestine cutting of the forest; the rescue of our indigenous language nahuatl hueyapanense and the wide commercialization of the local arts and crafts.

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