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Submedia: Here Comes “Trouble” is excited to announce the launch of Trouble, a brand-new monthly show offering an in-depth anarchist analysis of current struggles, tactics and movement dynamics. Trouble will broadcast first-hand accounts and perspectives from organizers on the ground, with the aim of cutting through the fog of misinformation that often clouds our understanding of the world, and provoking people into taking bold, collective action.


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Join us on Sunday, March 26th at 8:00pm EST for the launch of our first episode of Trouble, “Killing the Black Snake: Behind the Scenes of the #NODAPL Struggle.” sub.Media looks beyond the mainstream narratives surrounding the Standing Rock encampment to get a better understanding of some of the camp’s overlooked dynamics, including serious disagreements over which tactics to use to best stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

Statement from sub.Media:

The emboldened right-wing is mobilizing to turn back collective gains won over years of struggle by the exploited and oppressed. Refugees fleeing war and poverty-imposed death sentences are branded as terrorists, herded into squalid camps, dying by the thousands on the West’s doorstep. Indigenous land defenders fighting to limit the ecological devastation of their territories by the energy industry are met with less-lethal bullets and mass arrests.

Neo-nazis, white nationalists and transphobic misogynists have join forces and are waging a relentless, racist propaganda war against “political correctness” while insisting that free access to public and community forums is the same thing as free speech.

Paranoia and confusion run rampant in an information landscape where facts are dismissed as fake news. Faced with a crisis of reality itself, millions have retreated into social media echo chambers, helping cement divisions between people with common cause and impeding the communication necessary to effect meaningful change.

Against this prevailing pessimism and despair, anarchists and anti-fascists have burst back into the popular imagination. With capitalism in a profound state of crisis and transition, our alternative political visions and our consistent critiques of power are capturing the attention of disillusioned people all over the world.

As our contribution to this process, sub.Media is excited to announce the launch of Trouble, a brand-new monthly show offering an in-depth anarchist analysis of the dynamics and forces we’re up against. We hope this project can serve as a tool for provoking meaningful discussion and debate within our movements. Towards that end, Trouble is intended to be screened in group settings that foster affinity and collaboration, in hopes of helping to spark local and regional organizing initiatives. If you’re interested in starting a screening collective in your area, get in touch with us at trouble@sub.Media.

Support: sub.Media is an independent grassroots media collective, working for over two decades to share first-hand accounts from movements and mobilizations. Help support us financially by becoming an official Trouble-Maker, and we’ll send you a full screening kit, including an advanced digital copy of our show each month, along with additional resources to help get the conversation started. For more information, contact trouble@sub.Media.

sub.Media is a video production ensemble aiming to promote anarchist and anti-capitalist ideas, and aid social struggles through the dissemination of radical films and videos. First established in 1994, sub.Media has produced hundreds of videos on topics ranging from anti-globalization protests to films about shoplifting. sub.Media films have been screened in social centers and movie theaters around the world and have been watched by millions on the internet.

Watch Trouble here

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