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Fourth Night of Protests in Paris After Cops Killed 56 Year Old on Sunday

Last night people gathered at Place de Republic in Paris to protest against police violence, it was the fourth night of protests in the French capital. The protesters are demanding justice for old Shaoyo Liu.  56 yearl old was killed by cops on Sunday.


Written by Riot Turtle

The killing of Shaoyo Liu follows several weeks of protests across France demanding justice over numerous cases of police violence, including sexual abuse

On Monday night, cops arrested 35 people who were protesting in the northern 19th district of Paris. Clashes broke out after cops tried to disperse the protesters. On Tuesday night clashes broke out after cops tried to disperse the protesters again, this time cops used teargas grenades and batons. On Wednesday night protesters clashed with cops for the third consecutive night. Last nights protests were relatively calm.

The protest follows several weeks of protests and clashes, including by high school students, demanding justice over several cases of killings and rapes by French cops. While police violence usually targets people with African origins, this time cops shot a man identified as Shaoyo Liu, a 56-year-old Chinese national, while responding to an emergency call from a neighbor who heard screams at the victim’s home. Liu’s family insist that there was no dispute.

“There was no dispute at all,” said Calvin Job, the family’s lawyer, as reported by The Times. Job said Shaoyo Liu was with his four children and was “cutting fish with scissors,” for the reason why he had scissors in his hands when “police officers kicked the door in, propelling him backward,” but never attacked the policemen according to one of his daughters. Police officers “fired without warning,” hitting the victim in the thorax, he added.

Shaoyo Liu’s death comes after France’s President Francois Hollande amended the law to make it easier for policemen to use guns — from only in circumstances where their life is at risk, as before, to where they can now shoot to prevent a suspect from escaping arrest, or when someone “presents a threat.” French security forces and police can almost do anything they want, as the country is still in a state of emergency.

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