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Berlin: Rally in Solidarity With Imprisoned Anarchists in Belarus

On the 28th of March around 15 people came out to the embassy of Belarus in Berlin for the solidarity action to the belarussian anarchists and all the other people who suffered from the belarussian state violence.


Originally published by Linksunten. Eduted by Enough is Enough.

The rally was to unveil the huge wave of repression that followed the protests against the government and the unemployment tax happening all over the country for more than a month. In order to try to push down the protests the belarussian government uses both individual arbitrary detentions and house raids against more or less politically and socially active people and also brining to the streets thousands of riot cops.

Today, we came out to the embassy of the Republic of Belarus to express solidarity and wish courage and fortitude in this difficult period to the Belarusian anarchists, to the ones being imprisoned and those who are now free. We also want to express our solidarity to all the people in Belarus who fell in one way or another under the flywheel of state repression.

We are aware of the difficult situation in which you are. We know about fines, arbitrary detentions, arrests, beatings. We know about the deceitful propaganda against you which the Belarusian state is trying to spread out. We understand how difficult it is for you right now in the midst of repressions, especially when people are hit indiscriminately, especially for making solidarity and aid. And we will never be indifferent to this.

We believe that you will not be broken and will hold fast.

There are no borders for solidarity!

Today we say no to the unbearable dictatorship and show our solidarity with the arrested anarchists and all repressed people in Belarus.

We stand up for immediate termination of the repressions of the Belarussian state against anarchists, social activists and all the people. 

We demand the immediate release of all political prisoners and the resignation of dictator Lukashenko.

Solidarity from Berlin, Germany.

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