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London Antifa: The Collapse of the Far-Right Mobilising Base

Two small fascist groups marched in London, UK today. The fascists were outnumbered by antifa counter protesters. Cops protected the fascists and arrested several anti-fascists.


Originally published by London Anti-Fascists. Edited by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing them for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on.

After 5 years of activity, building up almost 1.7 million “likes” on there Facebook page, Britain First could only muster less than 120 people, most from outside London and bolstered by old school NF members. The EDL back in May 2013 mobilised upwards of 3,000 people in Central London after the murder of Lee Rigby, but could only manage 40 people today! Many from outside London.

Nothing illustrates the collapse of the far-right mobilising base than what happened today. It was pitiful. Britain First live in a social media echo chamber, that results in huge amount of funds for their leadership and security team and again points to it being a money making scam profiting from peoples insecurities.

There was no organised “right turn” after the attacks in Westminster two weeks ago, with the vast vast majority of society not falling for the opportunists of Britain First and EDL. They and their ideas have lost any credibility amongst a section of the population sceptible to nationalistic and reactionary ideas.

They might have the social media clickivism but anti-fascists still hold the streets.

3 thoughts on “London Antifa: The Collapse of the Far-Right Mobilising Base

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  2. […] It looked pathetic, the gathering of the far-right Ulster Defence League (UDL) supporters in Belfast had only a hand full of participants. Antifa activist organised a counter protest in oppostition of the regressive and fascist ideology of the UDL and their associated counterparts in the ‘flegster’ element. The UDL seems to have the same problem as the EDL and Britiain First fascists in London had yesterday; The mobilising base of the far right is collapsed. […]

  3. Good turn out by Antifa by why run over to where the police are so everyone can be kettled coralled and some arrested ? When I arrive most Antifa and UAF were behind police lines so when Robinson arrived to taunt the crowd only a few were able to confront him directly and chase him into the back streets. Equally when the BF march started only very few people were outside police cordons and able to at least verbally confront them.

    Surley the tactic should be stay away from cordons, roam in small groups confront any small groups of opposition and run.before the police arrive No set piece battles. No masks until needed . Only join together when their march starts then we confront then en masse Not spend a hour confronting the police while the BF gathered in peace with Robinson roaming the streets with his camera and chatting to the BF marchers and press. The fascists hardly saw us.

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