#Belfast: #Antifa Protesters Outnumbered Far-Right UDL

A handful of far-right Ulster Defence league (UDL) protesters were outnumbered by antifa counter protesters in Belfast, Nortern-Ireland on Saturday.


Written by Riot Turtle

It looked pathetic, the gathering of the far-right Ulster Defence League (UDL) supporters in Belfast had only a hand full of participants. Antifa activist organised a counter protest in oppostition of the regressive and fascist ideology of the UDL and their associated counterparts in the ‘flegster’ element. The UDL seems to have the same problem as the EDL and Britiain First fascists in London had yesterday; The mobilising base of the far right is collapsed.

Antifa protesters outnumbered the UDL fascists, but due to the ussual protection by cops, the handful of fascists were able to gather in Belfast. Cops filmed the about 200 counter protesters at the counter gathering, but many antifa activists were on standby in side streets in case the UDL would start to march. It wasn’t a good day for the UDL supporters, it was a day that makes fascist thugs afraid again.

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