#Sonneberg, #Germany: Cops Attacked Peaceful Sit-In

On March 31, German riot cops attacked a peaceful sit-in in Sonneberg, in the German state of Thuringia. The sit-in was part of the antifa counter protests against a fascist Thügida march.


Written by Riot Turtle

The sit-in was absolutely no threat for the riot cops, you can see that very clear on the images (here and here) of photographer Lionel C. Bendtner. On the images of Bendtner you can also see screaming cops in front of the sit-in. They were very agressive.

The way the cops acted in Sonneberg shows that police violence is appearing in all German states. Also in Sonneberg, in the state of Thuringia, which is governed by German leftwing party “Die Linke”.

The antifa activists were part of counter protests against a march of the fascist Thügida movement. About 70 fascists showed up to march through Sonneberg.

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One Response to #Sonneberg, #Germany: Cops Attacked Peaceful Sit-In

  1. Clare says:

    police are state sanctioned goons worldwide!

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