Call: Unregistered Revolutionary #Mayday Demo in #Berlin

This years revolutionary first of May demo in Berlin will not be registered. Its the 30th anniversary of the revolutionary mayday demonstration, which started after the uprising on the first of May in 1987. After a lot of debate about the way the mayday demo developed in the past years, especially criticized by anarchists, but also from other parts of the left, the demo will be unregistered this year. Like the uprising of 1987 was. We don’t need no license to resist!


Originally published by Revolutionären 1. Mai 2017 Translated by Enough is Enough

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing them for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on.

Call: Unregistered Revolutionary Mayday Demo in Berlin

This year will be the 30th anniversary of the revolutionary first of May in Berlin. The circumstances where we live in, barely gives us air to breathe. In the parliaments and on the streets we experience a shift to the right. At the same time rents increase and our neighbours and social centers are threatened by evictions. These problems aren’t solved by parliaments.

State power is not protecting us from nazis and expulsion. State power is much more the servant of investors and the ruling class.

It doesn’t help. We have to release ourselves out of our misery. We have to find us, resist and organise ourselves. History shows: We dont get any presents! Mayday gives us the possibillity to meet each other on the streets and to make a case for our interests and ideas. We will not forget that some of the biggest assholes want to meet each other in Hamburg in July – Our backpacks are already packed. And while Hamburg is thinking about banning demonstrations, we are singing: Legal, Illegal, we don’t give a shit.

On this note: We have to fight for our rights – not panhandle them. For a rebelious, resistive and unregistered revolutionary Mayday in Berlin. We will see each other at 18:00 (06:00pm) at Oranienplatz in Berlin, Kreuzberg.

Paper about the revolutionary mayday demo in Berlin (German, PDF file)

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