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#NoDAPL: Krow’s Extradition Hearing Yesterday, Updates & Non-compliance

Krow had their extradition hearing at 2:00 pm yesterday in Morton Cty, ND; they are currently still ‘out’ in the relatively free world, & the ‘state’ of Wisconsin has ten days to pick them up & transport them into their custody for alleged activist related charges there. If they do not appear within this time frame, the Governor’s warrant is null & void, & the whole process would then have to be refiled & theoretically start over.


Originally published by Support Krow

Though Krow is still raising money for their support fund, which includes paying off various legal fees & fines in different arenas, Krow also wants to remind folks that when their legal proceedings are completed, any money left over in the “Support Krow” Fund will be allocated to other front line legal struggles that prioritize indigenous peoples.

In conjunction, Krow wants to reemphasize and share that federal investigations are more than likely still under way & possibly waiting to be revealed surrounding the #NO DAPL struggle, so ALWAYS maintaining good security culture is paramount! Furthermore, dismissals in the courtroom are NOT the same as acquittals! Dismissed charges can STILL be resurrected at a later time/inconvenient date!

In addition to good security culture, a serious and steadfast persynal & collective policy of non-compliance in regards to the “authorities” is also of most importance, and needs to be maintained! This means NOT talking to the police or ANY other three letter agency for that matter, including but not limited to: FBI, BIA, ATF, CIA, DEA, etc. It is also their opinion that people that DO comply in any way, shape, or form, only serve to hurt the lives & ongoing legal battles of other water protectors, thus should NOT get any financial help or legal resources from either the Freshet or WPLC Legal Collective!

While keeping the struggle alive, please remember that one has to be PHYSICALLY & IN-Persyn “served” federal grand jury subpoenas! “Certified” sitting-in-your-mailbox subpoenas do NOT count! There’s also a time-limit on their validity of 18 months, at which point they may or may not resubmit a new subpoena/extension.

As far as DAPL pipeline updates are concerned, reliable sources on the ground in North Dakota have said their is NOT oil flowing through the pipeline under the river! We must remember that the mainstream media is out to make headlines & money, not always do the best reporting, nor gave the ‘people’s’ best interests in mind.

Be smart, Kick ass, and stay as free and effective as long as possible! Those with privelege & access to land, please share it with the resistance efforts that oppose fascism, resist resource colonialism, & generally fight the wretched system we were born non-consentually into.

For the Wild, and Fuck Nazis

Love & Radness

Video from Crow’s arrest on February 4th, 2017

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