#Sweden: Anarchist Bookfair #Stockholm 2017

The 10th of june 2017 will see the Anarchist Bookfair return to Stockholm! The bookfair will be open from 10.00-18.00 and consist of seminars, panel discussions, workshops and film screenings. You’ll also find food, books and the company of radical politics from all over the world. This year the bookfair is held at Midsommargården, Telefonplan.


Originally published by Anarchist Bookfair Stockholm 2017

The theme of this year’s bookfair will be surrounding the possibilites of using anarchism to tackle current political issues- how can anarchism be used to address such problems as the rise of right wing populism, state control of migration, and austerity? What is the alternative?

If you, your group or organization would like to organise a workshop, discussion, or a book table at the bookfair, you’re very welcome to do so. Get in touch with us at anarchistbookfairstockholm(at)gmx(dot)com

The organising group of this year’s bookfair is a new group, different from the previous years’.

In solidarity,

Anarchist Bookfair

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