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Interview with Blocus Infos Comrade From France

After cops assualted and raped Theo with a baton, cops killed 56 year old Liu Shaoyo. Weeks of protests and clashed followed. An interview with a comrade of Blocus Infos  about the situation in France.



Written by Riot Turtle

Riot Turtle: We all heard about Theo’s case. Are there any new developments?

Blocus Infos comrade: For the moment there are no more demonstrations and gatherings, the spirit of justice should normally solve this affair. But we really have doubts, especially when you are a black man in France.


Riot Turtle: On March the 26th Shaoyo Liu was killed by the police. Can you tell us something about the circumstances how Shaoyo Liu died?

Blocus Infos comrade: Liu Shaoyo was killed on March the 26th in front of his daughters just because a neighbor called the police to complain about the noise. The police killed him when his daughter opened the door, the father had a scissor in his hands that he was using to cook (he gutted a fish, Riot Turtle)


Riot Turtle: Did the behaviour of the police changed since the introduction of the state of emergency in France in November 2015?

Blocus Infos comrade: Yes the behavior has really changed. They (the cops, Riot Turtle) have more rights. They can do everything and anything. There is more and more police blunder in France.



Riot Turtle: Soon there will be elections in France. Is police violence playing a role in the presidential election campaigns?

Blocus Infos comrade: Yes indeed police violence plays a role in the presidential elections. The problem is when there is violence by the police there is thus confrontation with the police and thus the extremist (Front national) right uses that to increase their popularity.

Riot Turtle: In Germany conservatives and social-democrats of the governing CDU and SPD take over xenophobic policies of the far-right AFD. Are there similar developments in France? And what influence does the Front National have in French police forces?

Blocus Infos comrade: Yes there are similar developements in France. The problem is that the National Front is a xenophobic racist political party and that many support the front National, All this thus brings racism in the police and thus of the repression on a single part) of the population (black arab chineese ..)


Riot Turtle: After last years big mobilisations against the labor reform in France we didn’t hear much about the resistance against neo-liberal policies. Is the movement still active?

Blocus Infos comrade: Naturally the movement is always so active , It created a new generation of activists who did not stop to speak about it.

Riot Turtle: How do you think things will develope in the coming months? Will there be new mobilisations?

Blocus Infos comrade: There will be a mobilisation against the “élections présidentiel” , the movement is named “Génération Ingouvernable”.

Riot Turtle: Thanks for the interview.

On April the 23rd there will be protests against the mascarade of the presedential elections. The protests are called “The night of the barricades”. Meeting point: Bastille (métro de Paris) 18:00 (06:00pm). Facebook event page: here


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