#Mayday in #Olympia Washington

We publish a May day call from Olympia, Washington (USA).


Originally published by Puget Sound Anarchists

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing them for people across the US and Europe so they are able to read what is going on.


May 1st 6pm – 4th and Capital Olympia, Washington

Those in power would like you to believe that the chapter on Standing Rock has drawn to a demoralizing close, that the struggles for racial justice and de- colonization of the past few years have amounted to little, and that the push toward ecological wisdom and anti-fascist resistance against this world and its toxic infrastructure have gotten us almost nowhere.

Meanwhile, white nationalists sweep the political establishment and the mainstream, the “opposition” remains a bad joke, the bombs continue to rain down, and our world continues to heat up. But in reality… Nothing is over. People have always resisted. Long before the original Mayday– Chicago’s Haymarket affair of 1886– and through this current moment, they have fought their exploitation at the hands of bosses and bureaucrats, their domination by occupying armies and police, the wanton destruction of their experiences by mirthless specialists and shitty boyfriends, the extermination of their non-human relatives, and the fouling of the air, water and land by colonizers.

The anarchists who started this holiday knew that our many struggles are intimately linked. There is no separating the struggle against resource extraction and ecological collapse from the struggle against the police. The new condos downtown cannot be detached from the port’s shipments of fracking materials. Fascists are directly and historically connected to the racist police violence enacted everyday. Ryan Donald and Ronnie Roberts belong to this tradition of white supremacy, repression, and murder.

Our enemies empower each other. There is no splitting the battle against capitalism from the battle against the State, against patriarchy, against the entire trajectory of an imploding western civilization. All of our many struggles are intertwined. This is worth repeating because it is the dangerous truth that powerful people, structures and states must hide from us. They must keep us distracted, settling for a resistance that is narrow, tame, curated, scripted and blinkered, undertaken in the logic of charitable donations and symbolic gestures. They would have us use “resistance” as an empty buzzword, never as creative and destructive acts that rupture their cold, dead, bordered world.

THIS MAYDAY: bloom explosively against drudgery, brew antidotes for capitalism’s poison, plot with friends against industrial projects on stolen land, move with deep feeling against hopeless elections and engineered passivity. rage against the existent, its defenders, and its false critics. rise against the port and its world. GET WILD. Against the Port and Its World.

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