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Netherlands: Spui 275A/277 Squatted in The Hague

On April the 24th two new buildings were squatted in the city center of the Hague. Although there is an anti-squatting law in the Netherlands since 2010, squatting continues.


Submitted to Enough is Enough

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing them for people across the US and Europe so they are able to read what is going on.

Today, April the 24th, 2017 we released the buildings at Spui 275A/277. The buildings were empty for many years.

Today we decided to squat the buildings because we find it unacceptable that in times of housing shortages in the Hague many buildings are empty to produce profits with speculation by the owner. A city is there for its citizens and not for gaining profits by capitalist elements.

One of the squatters said: “That squatting is being criminalized since 2010 means nothing to us.” He continued by saying: “Squatting might be illegal but for us its a legitimate method of action which produces a direct result, it contests vacantness and provides living space.”

The latest plans that are known for the buildings at Spui 275A/277 are that they will be demolished for the construction of a new hotel instead of renovating it for affordable living space in a city with more and more gentrification. Its another sign that the owners are only interested in making profits and intrests of society are losing ground. While the average citizen of the Hague is on a waiting list for years to get an apartment which he or she can afford, speculating owners can do what they want to gain their profits.

We find it unacceptable that vacantness continues to exist while people have to search for spaces for their basic needs: a place to live.

We entered the buildings goal-oriented to create a solution for our own precarious situation but also to make the systematic problem of housing shortages and vacantness visible

We don’t want a city center where only the rich can live in the Hague!

Against specualtion profits and the construction of hotels for rich tourists!

Affordable living space for people from the Hague in the city center!

Squatting continues!

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