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Fascist German Soldier With False Refugee Status Allegedly Planned Terror Attack

A German soldier who falsely registered as a Syrian refugee has been arrested for planning a terror attack. Investigators believe the lieutenant was motivated by a “xenophobic background”.


Image: Bundeswehr © fabbio at (CC 2.0)

Written by Riot Turtle

On Wednesday two men have been arrested for allegedly planning a terrorist attack in Germany. One of the two men, 28 year old Franco A. and a soldier of the German army, was already briefly arrested in Vienna, Austria in February 2017. The state prosecution of Frankfurt told reporters that the lieutenant had hidden a 7,65 caliber gun in a toilet in Viennay airport in January. Cops placed a transmitter on the gun and arrested the soldier when he tried to pick up the gun on the third of February. 

Cops took pictures and fingerprints of the soldier in Vienna and released him again. Shortly after that they found out that the fingerprints also belong to a Syrian refugee who registered for asylum in Germany. Austrian police authorities informed the federal police authorities (BKA) in Germany. From now on the German soldiers was monitored by German police.

Investigators found out that the 28 year old registered as a Syrian refugee in Gießen, Germany in December 2015. The German soldier used a falsified ID for his registration as a refugee and applied for asylum in Zirndorf in Bavaria on the 16th of January 2016. Auhorities claim that they didn’t use an Arabic translator as refugees from Syria only needed to fill out a form in that period, as many refugees arrived in Germany. The soldier even lived in a refugee shelter for some months, still not speaking Arabic.

During day time he trained as a soldier on an Army base of the joint French/German regiment in Illkich, France which is just across the German/French border. At night and during the weekend he lived in the refugee shelter. 

During their observation investigators found out that the soldier was active in a WhatsApp group with extrem-right members and that the race-baiting messages in the chat-group were maybe more than just xenophobic hate messages.

On Wednesday the soldier complicit was arrested again, this time by German cops. A 24 year old complicit was also arrested. The police searched 16 houses and work places and found guns and material for explosive devices. Investiagtors now assume that the 28 year old soldier deliberately registered himself as a Syrian refugee to carry out an attack in order to blame it on refugees. 

Its not new that extrem right activists are active soldiers in the German army. Last year the military secret service MAD registered 143 cases of right-extremism in the German army. This year the MAD registered 53 cases.

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