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#Antifa: Community Defence to Stop the EDL in #Liverpool June 3rd

No doubt inspired by the amazingly warm welcome fascists have always received from Scousers, The EDL are planning to have  a march in Liverpool on Saturday June 3rd. AFN groups and anti-fascists from around the country will be mobilising to … Continue reading

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#Nürnberg: Cops Attacked Students Who Tried To Stop a Deportation

In Nürnberg, Germany cops attacked school kids who tried to prevent a deportation after cops dragged a 20 year old Afghan student out of their school.

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Report on Projection at #Oakland Coliseum

Don the Con has admitted to obstructing justice, and he should be impeached. We tried to project just that on a billboard next to Oracle Coliseum, after a Warriors game (victory!). IMPEACH didn’t fit the sign as well as Fuck … Continue reading

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#NoG20 Info Nights in #Appelscha, #Amsterdam, The Hague & #Utrecht

The G20 summit is coming closer and closer. From the 4th until the 7th  of June there will be several info meetings in the Netherlands.

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#RefugeesWelcome: Welcome United Fighting for Social Rights – We’ll come United!

Enough is Enough signed the call for decentral action days from September 2nd and a demo in Berlin on September 16th: Welcome United Fighting for Social Rights. We’ll come United!

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Reading Our Times With Now: The Invisible Committee

Beginning by abandoning the old idea of revolution and reinventing it … Not as a new ideology but as a true praxis of an ethics of freedom to redefine the desirable and the undesirable and to create a new subjectivity … Continue reading

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Letter to the Patriot Militias: The Alt Right Murders Veterans

Open letter by antifascists from Portland to the patriot militias: The Alt Right Murders Veterans.

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15M Appropriations and Revolutions: Fragmentary Visions in Spain

Perhaps the most radical legacy of 15M lies in the ways in which the expansion of self-managed forms of life have reshaped subjectivities, which in turn feed back into those forms.  ¨With 15M”, writes Carolina León, “like a slap of … Continue reading

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#Brussels May 31: Trial Against 6 Passengers Who Prevented Deportation

On August 17, 2016 passengers on a commercial flight to Cameroon prevented a deportation of a refugee after they witnessed the inhuman treatment of the refugee by copd. Six of these passengers will have to stand trial on May 31 … Continue reading

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#Cali, #Colombia: Anarchist and Communist Students Clashed With Police

On May 25 there were protests and clashes between anarchist and communist students and cops in Cali, Colombia (video).

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