#Mayday: The Bay Shut Down ICE, The Ports & the Streets!

Thousands of workers, trade unionists and youth protested SF ICE and the ILWU shutdown the bay area ports. Rallies were held throughout San Francisco and other cities in the Bay area.


Submitted to Enough is Enough

Thousands of workers, trade unionists and youth joined May Day 2017 in San Francisco. The ports in the Bay area were shut down by striking workers and the San Francisco ICE office was blocked to ptotest against the ICE raids. Immigrants and unionists joined the protest. The ILWU Local 10 and Local 34 also had a rally at the Local 10 hall and then marched to the Justin Herman Plaza where another rally was held. Hundreds of teachers and students joined the rally and march and spoke out about the attacks on immigrant youth and their families. The UESF is also negotiating a new contract.
Trade unionists talked about their attacks on their unions and fellow workers including Unite Here Local 2 workers who are fighting to organized the Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf.

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