Alerta Antifascista: Sao Paulo #Antifa Action

Alerta antifascista! From the territory under domain of the Brazilian government! An urgent call for solidarity!


Originally published by Anarchist News

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing them for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on.

On May 2, at eight o’clock, local antifa and members of the Palestinean refugee community from São Paulo, called a protest against an anti-migrant demonstration organized by fascists. We arrived on Paulista Avenue, the main thoroughfare in Sao Paulo with a small group of 15-20 people to shut the demonstration down. We fought with the fascists and the Military Police intervened on the fascist side. Eventually all the antifa were arrested. Everyone was released from the police department, except four migrant comrades. They are expected to be in court to the sometime in the next few days. They may be prosecuted under the new antiterrorism laws which were signed Dilma Rousseff, the ex –President from the center-left Worker’s Party.

If our comrades aren’t released then we will hit the streets in solidarity. We also know that these arrests were all set up on purpose. There is a chance that our four comrades being deported also. They came here because they were searching for survival. They have children, family and friends here. We need everything that might be possible. We ask for possible support and actions that expresse solidarity. We need international strength. This is not only for the freedom of our comrades but also for our struggle against nations and borders. Solidarity and communication is our weapon.




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