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Edward Crawford: Third #Ferguson Related Activist Found Dead From Gunshot Wound

Edward Crawford, 27, a Ferguson, Mo., protester and activist, was found in his car dead from a gunshot wound. Crawford is the third activist that played a role in the 2014 Ferguson uprising who was found dead with gunshot wounds.


Written by Riot Turtle

The Edward Crawford shooting took place on Thursday night at 11:46pm. Cops reported that the gunshot wounds were self-inflicted, saying that Crawford was in a car when the gun went off. Two women were in the car with him, police say. The women told police that Crawford had started talking about how depressed he was. They heard him fumbling around for something, and the next thing they knew he shot himself. But there is no independent confirmation for the police version of the events. 

Crawfords father told reporters: “I don’t believe it was a suicide.” About the police Crawford senior said: “They’re being hush-hush.” Edward Crawford Sr. told reporters he last saw his son two days ago; he was in good spirits, certainly not suicidal. “He was wonderful, great, always in a good mood,” the father said. “He just got a new apartment and was training for a new job.”

The Ferguson revolt started after unarmed black teen Michael Brown was killed by a cop in Ferguson. Edward Crawford became an icon of the Ferguson protests after a picture where Crawford throws back a teargas can to the police. Crawford later said that he wanted to protect children who where near to the spot where the teargas can landed before Crawford picked it up and threw it back.

This is the third time that a young black man with some connection to the Ferguson uprising has been found dead inside of a car.

Darren Seals, 29, another Ferguson, Mo., protester and activist who rose to prominence in the wake of Mike Brown’s death, was found dead last September. Seals was shot before he was placed in a car that was then set on fire.


Image: Edward Crawford and Darren Seals

The first Ferguson related protester that was found dead was DeAndre Joshua, 20. He was found dead in November 2014, during the protests that followed a grand jury’s refusal to indict Wilson in Brown’s shooting death. Joshua was found shot once in the head inside a burning car. Bloodied glass was discovered on the ground beside his white Pontiac Grand Prix, right next to the Canfield Green Apartments, where Mike Brown was slain.

The Root published an article in which the author wrote: “It is possible to believe that Crawford’s death was just an accident. It is possible to believe that he decided to take his own life in full view of other people in the car. It is also possible, in a town where police claimed that 19-year-old Michael Brown punched out a cop and then charged into a hail of bullets from 30 feet away in broad daylight, that police could be completely lying to cover up some more nefarious cause of death. There is a long history in America of the police jumping to the conclusion that everything, from shootings to hangings of black people, is a suicide so as not to tug too hard on the strings of violent white supremacy that hold communities together. “

The St. Louis County Police Department has well-established issues with telling the truth. A federal investigation found a “pattern of light discipline in investigations involving ethical failings and untruthfulness” within the department.

St. Louis County Police Officer Michael McCann, whom prosecutors claimed Crawford “knocked to the ground,” arrested Huffington Post journalist Ryan J. Reilly in Ferguson on Aug. 13, 2014. McCann purposefully slammed his head into a glass door, lied to internal affairs investigators about his conduct, was cleared, and was promoted to sergeant. County Counselor Peter Krane attempted to prosecute Reilly in connection with his arrest.

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