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#France: Protests Continue After #Macron Won Election Circus

France: The protests against the election circus and the neoliberal policies of Macron continued on Sunday and Monday in Paris and several other cities. In Massy people are protesting for several days now, after 17 year old Curtis was killed when he was chased by police.


Written by Riot Turtle

On Friday several school entrances were blocked and students took the streets in several French cities. The protests of the “GenerationIngouvernable” continued on Saturday.

On the election night, Sunday, riot cops arrested more than 130 people who protested against the election system in the Menilmontant district in Paris. In Nantes (image below), Poitiers, Strassbourg and other cities people also took the streets to protest against the election circus. The protests continued on Monday. Riot cops attacked mondays demonstration against the neoliberal policies of the new president Macron. More than 1500 people joined Mondays protests.


Image: Protests in Nantes on Sunday night.

During a protest against the election circus in Strassbourg, activists were attacked by fascists on Sunday. In Nantes, France 15 fascists attacked 2 protesters. Both are in serious condition (images).

In Massy people are protesting for 3 days now. The protests started after 17 year old Curtis drove into a bus while he was chased by cops. There are some reports that a police car was involved in the accident. In France many youths immediately flee when cops try to stop them. The reason for this is the daily police brutality against people, especially in the suburbs of the big cities. Clashes broke out on Friday night and continued on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Video of protests against the neoliberal protests of Macron on Monday May 8th:

1 thought on “#France: Protests Continue After #Macron Won Election Circus

  1. x

    “Its time to revolt!”

    various groups have been chanting that for decades, maybe millennia.

    now the scene is littered w/ such groups in the streets, Black Lives Matter, Anti Fascists, Trumpites, etc.

    There were major revolts in 1968, but how much in lasting positive results came from them?

    Looking back its said ’68 was a mostly spontaneous outburst that showed youth power and that was good,

    but it lacked strategy, and hence much in the way of lasting results.

    we should learn from that.

    i dont see whats to be gained by street fighting;

    as we’v seen, sometimes thts fatal.

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