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Meet Benjamin Chylla: UW Madison Alt-Right Troll Involved With Defacing Innocence of 10 y.o. Child

UW Madison Alt-Right troll Benjamin Chylla was involved with a doxx which included wording and a photo of an innocent 10 year old child.


Image: Benjamin Chylla interviews with MSM and pretends to be a victim after agitating 608 AntiFascist Activist

Originally published at Linksunten

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only. The Original Text is from Linksunten (Link above).

Her smile unapologetically blooms open to reveal a row of braces, laying comfortably below a pair of sunglasses that are obviously too big for her face. Alongside her dad, her selfie embodies the classic American family well enough to be a Coca Cola advertisement.

Scroll up on the page, however, and you are met with years of incriminating evidence of how her father is an ex-drug addict with a history of homelessness.
Conjoined by blood and a name, a ten year-old girl’s family moment has been included in a public doxx, appropriating her innocence to essentially fuel a war between the alt-right and sanity. Other information that has shown up on the doxx of her father include places he’s worked, people who he’s been in relationships with, where he’s lived, and various political groups he’s been affiliated with.

Using little girls as pawns is one of the most insidious things doxxers could do. For the rest of her life, she has the potential to be targeted simply because she shared a moment with her father who has overcome a troubled past, keyed simply by a shared name.

It seems as if the “Alt Right” has sunk down to an all new, ridiculously hypocritical low.
Anyone who has ever studied the white supremacist propaganda knows the “14 words”.

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

White Nationalists, and their ironically self-defeating Troll Army sure seem to talk a lot about the safety of children. To hear them speak, one would almost believe that children’s safety is the backbone of their fears ….. and they are afraid of everything.

Remember that these are the same people who supposedly back anti-lgbtq legislation, and “bathroom bills”, on the pretext that they are protecting the children.

That….. and “free speech”.

But, of course, like everything they say, this language is but a marketing tool wrought with fraudulent inaccuracy.

Apparently, these espoused “champions of child safety and Free Speech” , are not Beyond using children to silence someone’s freedom of speech.
Like the terrorists they are, alt right trolls are now posting the pictures of the children of anyone who speaks out against them.

As those of us in the anti-fascist community have always known, the only “freedom of speech” that the “alt-right” care about is their own bigoted ideology, and they will Resort to common terrorist Behavior to enforce it.

Chylla1 - Copy

You can report Benjamin Roger Chylla to the University of Wisconsin, Madison using this link and copying the below text posted in bold:

Benjamin Roger Chylla (age 23), a registered student at UW Madison, is violating UW’s Code of Conduct. Specifically the following three standards:

Conduct that endangers or threatens the health or safety of oneself or another person. This includes incapacitation as a result of alcohol or drug use, physical or sexual violence, or threats of violence.

Conduct defined in Wisconsin State Statute 947.013. Includes:
• Engaging in attempts of, threats of, or actual physical contact with another person with the intent to harass or intimidate that person
• Engaging in a course of conduct with the intent to harass or intimidate, where the acts harass or intimidate the person, and the acts serve no legitimate purpose

Conduct defined in Wisconsin State Statute 940.32. Includes, but is not limited to, engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to suffer serious emotional distress or fear injury, when the respondent should know that at least one act will cause serious emotional distress or fear, and the victim experiences serious emotional distress or fear of injury.

He is publishing personal information of members of the community in a subtle attempt to call for violence and harm, and has even published photos of his target’s children.

While the website owner is anonymous and the doxxer is protected, the content from the page has an easily assignable origin: Benjamin Chylla, University of Wisconsin – Madison student in the Department of Computer Sciences. Benjamin is a self-proclaimed journalist who has fixated on Matthew O’Dea since arriving in Madison. His footprint is unmistakable in the doxx. His YouTube videos stalking and intimidating Matthew are central to the content. In a recent article published by WISC-TV News 3 Madison, Benjamin Chylla bleats that antifascists such as Matthew O’Dea “invade his personal space” while he stalks, films, and releases pictures of them and their underage family members through his social network.




5 thoughts on “Meet Benjamin Chylla: UW Madison Alt-Right Troll Involved With Defacing Innocence of 10 y.o. Child

  1. First off I wanna say thank you for all your support. I read this blog and after the first 3lines I became teary eyed. The way this article was written, about my daughter was amazing and whoever wrote this article I wanna extend a comradery hug to the person who wrote this… Thank you for you compassion I know I’m not alone..
    -Matty O’Dea
    608 A.R.A.

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  4. Your cited source of Linksunten has removed said content.

    1. Linkunten was banned and is no longer online.

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