#Bochum #Germany: New Building Squatted – #SquatBo

Parallel to the “reclaim the city!” night dance demo an empty building on the Herner street 131 (Herner Straße) in Bochum, Germany was squatted tonight.


Written by Riot Turtle

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

UPDATE May 22, 06:25pm : According to local media the owner filed charges, so be ready for eviction alerts. Today there were also some solidarity banner drops.

In a statement at Linksunten Indymedia the squatters wrote that they want to establish a social center and living space in the building.  The first floor of Herner Street 131 will be used for the social center and the floors above will be used by people to live. 

Like many buildings in Bochum, the building was empty for years. At the same time the rents in the city go up and there is almost no space for noncommercial cultural and political projects. With this occupation the squatters resist aginst the capitalist exploitation logic, which only allows buildings to be used when its profitable. Instead of this logic we want to use the building self-organized and orientated to the needs of the people.

Although the cops were at the back of the house, the squatters tweeted at 10:40pm tonight that they don’t think that the cops will evict them tonight. There is a great athmosphere there right now. If people want to support they are welcome to come to Bochum.

For updates follow hashtag #SquatBo at Twitter.


Über den Verlauf der Besetzung, drohende Räumung etc. werden wir euch bei Twitter über den Hashtag #squatbo auf dem Laufenden halten.


Kommt vorbei und unterstützt die Besetzung!

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