#FortressEurope: Refugees Beaten By Croatian Cops During Illegal Pushbacks – New Asylum Law in Germany

Doctors Without Borders reported on Twitter that a group of refugees was violently pushed back to Serbia last night. In Germany the governing parties CDU/CSU and SPD are taking over more and more policies if the fascist AFD party. German parliament voted in favor of sharper asylum laws. Again. 


Image: A refugee that was beaten up by Croatian cops last night. Image by MSF

Written by Riot Turtle

Apart from the continuing wave of attacks by fascists like the arson attacks in Sweden earlier this week, state violence and repression in Europe against refugees is increasing month by month.

Last night a group of refugees was beaten up by Croatian cops. After that the cops illegally pushed them back to Serbia. Doctors without borders reported that some of the refugees were “quite bad injured.

One of the refugees told Doctors Without borders: “First the Croatian police put us in a wagon where we hardly could breathe and then they pulled us out one by one and beat us all.” The refugee added: “After that they made a circle and punched and kicked us to each other while one of them was filming.”

Image Gallery: A refugee that was beaten up by Croatian cops last night. Images by MSF

After the eviction of the barracks in Belgrade, the Serbian state forced many people to go to state-run camps. Serbian authorities even threatened to arrest and deport all people who would not go “voluntarily” into the state-run camps. The conditions in these camps are horrible. Are You Syrious recieved pictures and disturbing information from AYS-volunteers on the field in Serbia. One of these camps, the Adasevci refugee camp, is more than full with more than 1000 people living there. Most of the people here are living in big tents, and only a part of them in the closed part, which is a former motel, where in some cases 5 or 6 people are sharing the same room. In the tents entire families are crowded together and are sleeping on camp cot that are so close to each other that there in some cases there is not even smallest space between them. The only separation are ugly grey blankets. The camp is full of rats and the food is scarce and monotone. There are the same not over-exciting dishes served almost every day. People aren’t allowed to bring food into the camp, and as if that wasn’t enough measures of control towards the residents the staff at least once every week do raids in the camp where they throw away all the food they find. To get some privacy and to get out of the camp for a while people are going out to the nearby forest. People also cook in the forest, but people from Komesarijat come and throw away their food.

Additionally, the Komesarijat za izbeglice (Serbian Commersiat for Refugees and Migrants), the authority in charge for refugees in Serbia that also is running the camps where refugees are housed, are extremely rude towards the people. As refugees informed the AYS-volunteers, the staff often shouts at them and use rude language while speaking to them.

The increasing violence and repression against refugees in EU member states and other European countries like for instance Macedonia, comes in a time where more and more of the “old” traditional parties are taking over positions of growing nationalist and fascist parties in Europe.

In Germany politicians are taking over more and more positions of the fascist AFD party ahead of federal elections in September. After the social democratic SPD lost the state elections in the German state of Northrhine-Westphalia last Sunday, their front runner for the upcoming federal elections, Martin Schulz said his party will target immigration and security.

German lawmakers voted in favor of new asylum laws on Thursday. Authorities can now issue deportation papers to rejected refugees deemed a security threat (in the new law its pretty vague who and what exactly is considered as a security threat) even without assurance that they will be repatriated within three months. That means migrants and refugees could receive their orders to leave Germany even if their country of origin fails to provide the necessary documentation. Also included in the new legislation: Refugees suspected of being a security threat can be monitored with an electronic tracking bracelet, and officials with the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, or BAMF, can access cellphones and other electronic devices to verify the identities of people without official identification papers. Rejected applicants for asylum who do not leave Germany voluntarily or give false information about their identity can expect personal restrictions on their mobility, and those with no prospects of receiving asylum must remain in registration-center facilities until their asylum process is completed. No less important, the new legislation will ease the exchange of data between state authorities and the Federal Criminal Police Office, the BKA. The BKA will be allowed to supply socalled “third states” like for instance Egypt or Turkey with these data of refugees.

Next week, the leaders of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its Bavarian sister-party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), will meet to agree on a position paper that gives security a top spot in their election campaign. The paper, obtained by the news agency DPA, calls for ending the blockade by the Greens and the Left Party to declare the Mahgreb states – Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya – as “safe” countries, meaning that citizens in those countries have no right to seek asylum. This comes although the civil war is still continuing.

Under the EU/Turkey deal a total of 370 refugees were deported to Turkey in 2017 (number includes deportations until May 18th.).  In Turkey, a country under the fascist rule of Erdogan’s AKP party, thousands of people were arrested in the past 10 months. In July 2015 the Turkish army started a war in the Kurdish regions in the south-east of Turkey. The Turkish army also supported Daesh and is fighting the YPG in Rojava (Syria). While more and more European politicians are aware of the danger of Erdogan and his AKP thugs, with Germany even considering to pull out their war planes from the Incirlik NATO airbase, they keep on deporting refugees to Turkey.

The European border closures are causing more and more deaths and missery. As a result refugees are trying to find other routes to come to Europe. One of these new routes is to cross the mediterranean sea from Morocco to Spain. After EU pressure, Morocco and Algeria now also closed their borders for refugees. Since the 18th of April, 41 Syrian refugees including women and children are stuck at the Algerian-Moroccan border – without access to health care, food or sufficient drinking water.

These are not the “European values” where European politicians like to speak about, this is the reality, these are the real “European values”. While fascist parties are growing in almost all European countries, many of their policies are already put into practice by many of the “traditional” European parties and governments. The question remains how long it will take before the people of Europe realize how dehumanizing the economic and political elite is and how long ot will take before they will be chased out of their ministeries and parliaments. Independent volunteers can do their share by refusing to become lackeys of authorities and that they have to make a choice.

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