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Solidarity With The #Warsaw3! Call For Actions at May 31

A year after the arrest of the three Warsaw anarchists the first court sitting will take place on May 31st 2017. We are asking for your support with solidarity actions and demos in front of Polish embassies and consulates! Wherever you are, please stand in solidarity with our comrades against the state oppression!


Submitted to Enough is Enough. Updates at: Wawa 3

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Download, print, read and spread Solidarity With The #Warsaw3! Call For Actions at May 31 in PDF Format:  free-the-warsaw3a-may-31st

The three anarchists were arrested on the night ofMay 23rd 2016 in Warsaw on charges of an attempt to burn down a police car. They were transferred to a remand prison and since they have been qualified as particularly dangerous criminals, they were detained in isolation cells for over 4 months. Media frenzy broke out over the arrest in the next few days, with high-ranking politicians and experts on terrorism discussing the matter on TV. Photos and video reruns of the arrested walking with chains around their feet and hands were broadcast on public television.

The original accusations were: possession of explosives and the intention to use them by setting police car on fire. They were called terrorists by police and media, despite the fact that the arson didn’t actually take place. This accusations were quite serious – they were facing from 6 months to 8 years of prison.

When the first hearings of the accused took place next day after the arrest, there were visible marks of tortures on their bodies. One of them was beaten so severely that police had to select for the media only photos taken from the back.

Thanks to an outstanding support from the international anarchist community, they were released on bail in September 2016. They had strict parole rules, had to sing in a police station every day and couldn’t meet each other as well as case witnesses or leave the country.

On January 2017 the three were informed about the change of charges. The fourth (and final) analysis of the supposed explosives they were caught with, has finally proven that the device was not able to cause explosion. The charges were changed to trying to destroy property. All three anarchists pled guilty to the new charges. They are now facing from 3 months up to 5 years of prison. Finally in April 2017 all the conditions of the
parole were removed.

7th February 2017 brought a court decision to reopen a case of the police brutality against one of the anarchists after his arrest. At the moment the tortures of all three on the night of their arresst are being examined by court. As usual the mass media in the service of the state reproduced authorities propaganda. Witch-hunt begun, creating mass hysteria and the image of the country threatened by terrorism. By doing this, the authorities and their collaborators are trying to justify the implementation of the new Anti-Terrorism Law.

The new Anti-Terrorism law, among many other changes, introduced possibility to
create special security zones that are very vaguely described but were strict measures can be applied, such as the use of military force against citizens or shooting to kill. The maximum time of detention was prolonged from 48 hours to 14 days.

Non-polish citizens can also be deported without any reason, and possibility to defend themselves, which is a case of Ameer Alkhawlany, who spent 5 months in detention after he refused to cooperate with Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) and was in the end illegally deported. Using the new laws ABW could force jury to detain him without any
proofs of his guilt. The same day the court decided that there is no reason to hold him detained any longer, Ameer was firstly beaten up and then immediately deported to Irak, against all standards of the deportation and asylum laws, Since his deportation, more illegal and immediate deportations were made.

Many new anti-freedom laws were implemented last year, among them a so called “surveillance law” , which gives cops and all intelligence agencies possibility to collect data and spy on anyone, without ever having a need to announce that or give reason
for that. They can also keep the collected data without time limit, even if the person under surveillance is not accused of anything or connected to any investigation.

The wave of repression against the anarchist movement is rising. On May 23rd 2016 the police four times raided one of Warsaw’s collectives involved in fighting the real estate development industry and empowering the struggle for the food sovereignty. Since then, the collective is constantly harassed by uniformed visitors. In Kraków, they searched the apartment and questioned a person who have set up a social media site ridiculing with irony the inflated police accusations. In many cities information multiply about police trying to force into cooperation people associated with the movement and surveilling the
places that are important for the movement. During big protests police (sometimes with military) can be seen outside of the autonomous spaces in Warsaw, trying to stop it’s inhabitants from joining the protesters. In February 2017 R10 squat in Kraków
was raided by police and closed down.

The witch-hunt atmosphere of the campaign against the broad anarchist movement is building consent for repression and surveillance, targeting social movements that are fighting against the most influential interest groups in this country.

The anarchist movement has been active, among other, in workers, tenants, ecological, anti-racist groups and the fight against land-grabbing. It acts without compromise for social justice, against the repression from business and political elites. Lack of social control over the police, for years allowed them to use uncontrolled violence against people fighting the system of violence in various fields.

What we need at this moment is the firm stance of solidarity with all the oppressed and
against upcoming attacks from the state! There is still hope that they will not become prisoners of the state again. We count on your solidarity actions in the day of the trial on
May 31st 2017. Lets show international solidarity in face of repressions.

Freedom for all the prisoners of the State! // // //

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