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Burn Down the American Plantation: Announcing the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

Announcement of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement.


Originally published by the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Burn Down the American Plantation: Announcing the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

We are announcing the formation of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement and putting out a call to all those seeking freedom, who are committed to abolishing slavery, and who desire liberation for all.

The United States was built on slavery, and despite the American Civil War, this oppression never ended. The abolitionist movement fought against this tyranny, but modern slavery and mass brutality persist unchecked.

Around the world, fascism is on the rise. The state has openly declared war on our communities, threatening to ethnically cleanse Latinos, criminalize Muslims, destroy indigenous land, and oppress the LGBTQ community, while continuing to murder and incarcerate black people.

The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement unequivocally states that the plantation system must be destroyed.

Today, the anarchist struggle, and anti-state feminism is on the rise, and authoritarian modes of resistance are now discredited.

The Revolution in Rojava in Northern Syria has set an exceptional standard. With a foundation in feminism, ecology, anti-state organizing, and armed struggle, it has actualized a revolution beyond 20th century nationalism. With the founding of groups like the International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces, it is clear that this is the time for anarchist revolutionaries to act without hesitation.

We declare our solidarity with the international anti-fascist and anarchist struggle, and propose concrete steps in the struggle for abolitionism.

Revolutionary Abolitionists must fight hand in hand with those facing oppression. We intend to establish a new Underground Railroad to free people from bondage. By building revolutionary self-defense networks, connecting them to one another, and developing militant strategies in our neighborhoods, our network will create the capacity to destroy state power and defend our communities.

A new global paradigm for revolution has been established, to be taken up by dedicated revolutionaries, autonomous territories, guerrillas in armed struggle, and all those engaged in the global drive towards liberation and away from statehood, capitalism, patriarchy, and domination.

We call on anti-state groups to join the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement and send this message to our comrades to help build the capacity to burn down the American plantation once and for all.

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

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