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#Berlin: Police Evicted Brienner Str Refugee Protest, Urgent Support Needed

In Berlin cops evicted refugees who were protesting against the conditions in the refugee camp at Brienner Street 16. The cops confiscated all sleeping bags and tents . People want to stay in the street. Urgent support needed. Please tell to everyone you know.


Written by Riot Turtle

The condition in many refugee camps in Europe are a disaster. Not just in countries like Hungary or Greece, but also in Berlin, Germany.

Life at the camp at Briener Str. 16 in Berlin has become unsustainable. Although many people think the conditions of the camps in Germany are good, in reality there are many camps where there are many problems. Mistreatment by security personnel (there are alarming reports about fascists working for security companies), problems with healthcare, food, hygiene and many other things.


The people living at Brienner Str. have had enough and started a protest camp in front of the refugee camp. A few days ago a father took some bread from the kitchen to his child, who was sick. The violent reaction by security guards (videos below) inside the camp triggered the protests.

The protesters denounce the continuous abuses by security guards, the existence of bedbugs affecting adults and children, the bad food,, the prohibition to take food to the rooms and the lack of good hygienic conditions.

Today cops evicted the protest camp but people want to stay on the street. The cops confiscated all sleeping bags and tents during todays eviction. Urgent support is needed. Watch for updates at the Oplatz Twitter acount.

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