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Temer Deployed Army in #Brasilia After Cops Attacked Demo

Brazilian President Michel Temer authorized per decree the use of the Armed Forces in Brasilia after riot cops attacked a demonstration with 150.000 people and lost control. Soldiers are already on the streets of Brasilia.


Soldiers in Brasilia after Brazilian president authorized the use of the Armed Forces.

Written by Riot Turtle

Clashes broke out in Brasilia Wednesday after riot cops cracked down on tens of thousands of protesters who took to the streets against President Michel Temer and call for fresh direct elections after the latest corruption scandal to rock the unelected government. 

Protesters where furious after riot cops attacked the demonstration. Shortly after the police assault riot cops lost control. The excessive use of force by riot cops injured many protesters but the police did not manage to regain control in Brasilia. At least one ministry was set on fire, several others were attacked and vandalized.


“Out with Temer! General election now!” people chanted . “Today is a defining day for the working class. Our rights are threatened by the coup and there is no respect for our dignity. We are being assaulted,” Roberto Sousa e Silva, a public school teacher.

Cops also shot with live ammo on protests during the clashes, several people were injured from gunshot wounds.


Image: Screenshot of a cop shooting live ammo at protesters in Brasilia.

Apart from corruption scandals, the Temer government has also sparked outcry for months with a series of neoliberal austerity policies rolling back social and economic rights. The latest protests against the Temer administration, installed last year with the removal of former President Dilma Rousseff in an impeachment process widely condemned as a parliamentary coup, come on the heels of the most severe scandal to hit the government yet after a wiretap recording revealed Temer had endorsed bribes to keep quiet a powerful witness in corruption investigations.


Temer refuses to step down and authorized per decree the use of the Armed Forces in Brasilia today. Anarchists are also involved in the protests against Temer. After the parliamentary coup the number of people who organise themselves and want to live a self-determined life is growing. 



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