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Video: #StopDeportations Action in #Regensburg #Germany

On May the 18th activists blocked Landshuter Street in Regensburg (Germany) with a symbolic border fence.


Originally posted by Yolanda Winegard. Translated by Enough is Enough

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Statement by the activists:

Against Deportation Lager in Regensburg and Anywhere Else!

On May the 18th activists blocked Landshuter Street in Regensburg (Germany) with a symbolic border fence. With this action the activists want to indictate the inhuman asylum policies in Europe and the federal (German) government.

We want to illustrate that borders are limiting the freedom of movement for all. While our action hinder people on their way home, the outer borders of the EU mean an end of the hope for peace and security for people who are fleeing. Scores of people die at these borders.

Another consequence of these border policies are the controls at the inner borders. These are not only a form of harassment for migrants but also for EU citizens. The border controls are an exemption for the idea of European unity and early may they were extended for another 6 months. These European inner borders show a clear picture of the racist handling by politicians of people who are seeking peace and refuge.

For all those who made it to Europe and are now in countries like Germany their stay is not necessary a new beginning. On the contrary. The policies are designed, when not completely obstructed, to hinder integration extensively.

Since 2015 people from socalled “secure countries of origin” are more and more being put into deportation lager. After people experienced humiliation and suffering at the borders, rejection and racism from society and inhuman asylum policies, they end up in deportation lager which mean en end to any hope for asylum.  Partly they have to hold out there for months until the deportation to there country of origin is being carried out. Life in these deportation lager is monotonous and defined by a limited freedom of movement and strict rules.

Beside the ones in Ingolstadt and Bamberg such a “repatriation center” shall be established in Regensburg. We cannot tolerate this. We call upon you to take the streets together to protest against deportation, against borders and against inhuman policies. Show your opposition always and everywhere!

Against deportation, persecution and repression!

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