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#RefugeeStruggle #Germany: Dry Hunger Strike in #Ebersberg

On May 22, 36 people started a protest against deportations, for equal rights for all and for the permission to work in front of district office in Ebersberg, near to Munich (Germany). One day later the protesters started a dry hunger strike. In Berlin refugees continued their protest in front of the lager at Brienner street.


Written by Riot Turtle

Since 2015 the federal German government have sharpened the German asylum laws again and again. The government is paving the way for the racist views of the fascist AFD party. European borders are closed again for more than a year now and life for many people who arrived in Germany is unbearable. New deportation rules makes it more easy to detain and deport people, but the resistance against the treatement of refugees is growing.

In Ebersberg (near Munich) refugees started a protest on May 22. In a statement on the Refugee Struggle website refugees said that they are protesting for their basic human rights since 2012. Protests took place all over Germany in these past years but nothing really changed. In the statement the refugees said: “We don´t know what should we do. How many years we have to fight – just to reach our basic human rights?

More and more refugees get deported to their countries of origin. The refugees in Ebersberg stated: “Lots of refugees committed suicide and finished their lives just because we are not allowed to do what we want to do. We put our lives in danger to reach a better life in Germany because in our countries there is war. Every day people are dying with bombings and so we came here to Germany for a better life. Now German Government is playing with us. They don´t give us any right a German citizen has.”

On May 23 refugees of the “Refugee Struggle feo Freedom collective” in Ebersberg started a dry hunger strike: no food, no water. Instead of giving all people basic human rights, German police authorities threaten to move forward against the protesting refugees because of “health issues”. In a second statement (from May 23) the refugees say: “Here are a lot of Nazis around us, disturbing us and saying lots of shit to us. But we want to tell the government until we don’t get our rights we won´t sit in the modern prisons, the so called “Lagers”. The hunger strikers demand the right to stay, no discrimination in society, the stop deportations, the permission to work and an ends to the forced stay in refugee camps.


On the third day (May 25) of the hunger strike, refugees reported that many people insulted and threatened their protest: “A woman first tore the banner down, then picked up the stone from the ground, which lay on the banner and than threw it on us. Then she tore down the banner„Dry Hunger Strike“.” But many people also came to show their solidarity. Although yesterday was a holiday in Germany people of the district office (Landratsamt) and members of the Green party and the social democratic SPD visited the protesting refugees. But that didn’t change anything. Refugees said that “no one really feels responsible for our problems.” Two people were brought to hospital yesterday, but they are ok and were able to return and continued their protest.

The fourth day of the hunger strike now started. During the night three people were taken to hospital. the rest of the refugees are continuning their fight for basic rights in Ebersberg.

About 80 refugees in Berlin are still protesting against in front of the lager at Brienner street against the conditions in the lager for almost a week now. German police took away tents and sleeping bags of the protesting refugees on May 22, but that didn’t stop the protests.

On May the 27th, there will be a demonstration against deportation and for the right of asylum in Nürnberg, Germany. The demonstration will start at 01:00pm at Rathenauplatz.


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