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#NoG20 Info Nights in #Appelscha, #Amsterdam, The Hague & #Utrecht

The G20 summit is coming closer and closer. From the 4th until the 7th  of June there will be several info meetings in the Netherlands.


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Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

On Juli 7 & 8 the G20-summit will be held in downtown Hamburg (Germany). That is what they plan to do. The place of the conference is situated in between of a couple of neighborhoods with a long history of rebellion en many organizations call to join the protests and block the summit.

Tens of thousands of people will go on the street because the G20 (= the leaders of the 20 most powerful nation-states, and the Netherlands by the way, on invitation by Germany) stands for neoliberal economics, control of migration en climate chaos, amongst many others. A large amount of demonstrations and actions will take place, a counter-summit and an attempt to block the harbor of Hamburg during the summit. Amongst the attending world leaders there will be illustrious gentlemen like Putin, Trump, Erdogan and Xi Jinping. All together there are more than 10.000 people involved in this summit.

Activists from the Netherlands and Germany will inform on the situation and planned actions.

One will get practical information about the circumstances in Hamburg in July. Activists from T.O.P. from Berlin ( and/or Antifa AK from Cologne also will share their ideas on a broader perspective of these protests. Or as they call it: Searching for new approaches of anticapitalist capacity to act (die Suche nach neuen Ansätzen antikapitalistischer Handlungsfähigkeit).

But of course one can also make own plans at the meeting and meet other people who will go to Hamburg in July to take part in the actions.

On Sunday June 4 at the PL-dagen in Appelscha (15.15 uur,

On Monday June 5 at the Spinhuis in Amsterdam (20:30, Adres: Singel 165 A (onder de brug)
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On Tuesday June 6 in Anarchist book store Opstand
Beatrijsstraat 12, The Hague, 19:00 (

On Wednesday June 7 in Utrecht (place and time tba.)….

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