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Meet David Liebowitz: Known Doxxer Involved With Defacing The Innocence of a 10 y.o. Child

In his spare time, he enjoys helping further the genocidal cause of white nationalism by doxxing those combating it, putting their lives in immeasurable danger? Sounds like a real “entrepreneur”

His victim: Matty O’Dea is the embodiment of someone who has tirelessly escaped working-class strife. He is a man who not only tirelessly fights for the underprivileged in Wisconsin, but who has also overcome addiction and continues to be a caring father.
He is also one of the 1417 people that have been extensively doxed on Everpedia by Executive Editor, Dave Liebowitz.
Liebowitz is a modern day Julius Streicher, using Everpedia as his Der Sturmer to out people who are fighting against the alt-right so that they may be targeted for violence. Doxxes usually include private information, such as phone numbers, places of residence, employment status. Some doxxes include more incriminating information, such as any history with addiction or various criminal charges. A lot of these things are common traits shared by those in the leftist movement. O’Dea’s dox, however, is especially insidious.
It includes the face and identity of his 10 year-old daughter.

261 - Copy (2)

Above is a screenshot from Everipedia’s Activity Feed, which is publicly viewable. It shows the user Dave Liebowitz creating the doxx page and adding content including a photo of the doxxee with his young daughter. Dave Liebowitz is one of the Executive Editors of Everipedia and has the second highest ‘IQ’ (a metric based on number of contributions) next to the other Executive Editor, Angel O.rdaz If you look at the edit history of both Liebowitz and Ordaz you’ll find that their main pastime is indexing information about individuals that come to their attention by way of news media and the viral internet. They trawl people’s social media accounts for any information they can find and create an immediately accessible wiki page about them, with no compunctions about the privacy and safety of the people they’re creating pages about or the people close to them. In this case, Dave Liebowitz saw a doxxing victim as fair game for an even more comprehensive release of information about his life and his family.

dave lie 1 - Copy - Copy

Pictured above Dave Liebowitz. In an interview found online Dave stated that himself and five other editors of Everipedia live in a penthouse UCLA in Westwood CA. Further research shows that Everipedia is an LLC, it has disclosure requirements with the California BBB with the same address. This is the address for Everipedia headquarters. 972 Hilgard Avenue Penthouse #2 Los Angeles California 90024 with a landline (702) 723-6417

Dave Liebowitz, seems on the surface to be your average, tech savvy entrepreneur. But, a little digging has Unearthed a nefarious pastime.
A professional “Doxxer”.
Apparently, this individual enjoys putting people’s lives in danger, by using video footage of protests to identify people, and publicly displaying their personal information, as well as that of their loved ones.
Much attention has been given as of late to doxxing.

The alt right claims that doxxing from the left inconveniences their lives, by displaying their individual racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, islamophobic, and homophobic views, sometimes making things “awkward” in their personal and work lives, but it never goes further than that, and in most cases, the people are very open about their white supremacist views, so Revelations of their involvement in these organizations never come as any surprise to the people around them.

On the other end, the “Alt Right”, with its violence rhetoric, and heavily-armed membership, seemingly looking for any excuse to cause physical harm to anyone, uses its doxxing to physically intimidate activists, their children, and family.

Cases of physical intimidation, vandalism, and attacks at the hands of members of the “Alt Right are on the rise, with some people even receiving visits and death threats from Neo Nazis and Klan at their workplaces and homes.

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Liebowitz Donna2


Pictured above Dave’s mother, Donna Liebowitz

Liebowitz Ron

Pictured above Dave’s father, Ron Liebowitz

Liebowitz Alisa

Pictured above, Alicia Liebowitz

Liebowitz Steve

Pictured above, Steve Liebowitz

Liebowitz Dana1

Pictured above, Dana Liebowitz

Liebowitz Jenny

Pictured above, Jenny Liebowitz

Liebowitz Nicole2

Pictured above, Nicole Liebowitz

liebowitz rachel

Pictured above, Rachel Liebowitz


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  1. Thanks again folks. Much love and respect
    Siempre Antifascista ///
    Matty O’Dea

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