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#Wuppertal #Germany: We’ll Come United: Meeting!

Invitation to a meeting for planning and organization on July 13 in Wuppertal, Germany. People who are active with and for refugees and new inhabitants of Wuppertal met on June 16 to talk about a local contribution to the days of action of the nationwide campaign “We’ll come United”. From September 2 onwards, various actions and activities for the second anniversary of the “Summer of Migration 2015” will influence the public discussion before the Bundestag elections. The “We’ll Come United“ days of action will end with a large demonstration/ parade one week before the elections in Berlin.


Submitted to Enough is Enough

The campaign is intended to show that the sometimes discredited “welcome culture” of the year 2015 continues vital until today. Millions of people are still active in working with and for Refugees. But media and politics draw a completely different picture and racist hate campaigns try to explain that a positive and self-organized cohabitation with new inhabitants is the interest of very few. Against this, “We’ll come United” wants to show instead that we still are many, and that more and more brutal policies of deterrence and deportation, which are executed by a distorted image of the society, do not find any ‪approbation‬ among a large part of the population.

On the contrary: Anger and despair of the people who are involved in the self-organization of refugees, in the search for accommodation, training and employment, in language courses, legal counseling, or simply for good neighborly or collegial relations grow with every new deportation, every new one legal chicane and every drowned refugee in the Mediterranean. “We’ll come United” in September will give a loud and strong expression to the commitment and the anger of the many .

We agree that a strong contribution to “We’ll come United” should be given out of and in Wuppertal, which we think is perceived as a positive example of the attempt to build a successful coexistence, and which therefore is a nationwide deterrent model to racists. For this we need the help of all; the days of action and the final parade in Berlin can only be successful if civil society actors and political activists plan and organize a contribution from Wuppertal together.

Therefore we like to invite all those who are still unwilling to accept deterrence and deportation and who still believe in a “welcome to Wuppertal” to another meeting for planning and organization. We will discuss various activities from 2 September, ranging from lectures to street festivals or rallies, as well as a jointly organized trip to Berlin on 16 September.

The meeting will take place on Thursday July 13 from 19:30 CET at Café ADA. We look forward to your active participation! (Wiesenstraße 6, Wuppertal-Elberfeld)

welcome2wuppertal (w2wtal) and other activists.

Facebook event page:

More information about the campaign:


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