Our Debt To Those Not Yet Born ~Great Lakes AntiFa

My eyes may be failing, yet I have seen enough.
I speak today of both awe and of sadness.
Of a duality of desperation and reverence.
For I’ve seen man’s glorious despair.
I’ve heard man weep in celebratory sadness.
I’ve heard man morn in majesty.
Look around you, Comrades.
We live in an amazing and maddening world.
In an astonishing time of wonder and woe.
And we’ve come so far, yet have barely moved.
We possess the resources to feed the hungry.
We have the space to give shelter to those without.
We possess the technology to give us all clean light and heat.
We can build the machinery to lighten the load of the worker.
We have the knowledge to heal the sick.
We have the ability to educate the masses.
We have the power to bring happiness and balance to the world.
We can bring this world closer together.
But, it is for nothing, if it is only to benefit the few.
These few, who hold our lives in their hands.
These few, who send our children to war for resources, profit and power.
These few, who make laws to imprison the marginalized.
These few, who own governments and armies.
These few who divide us against ourselves.
And our workers toil for their gain.
Our politicians dance to their music, despite the common suffering.
While they prosper beyond their barricades and walls, the poor cry out.
People freeze, fight, starve, and die needlessly on our streets.
They destroy the land and leave us to rot in the wake of their greed.
They work us until our bodies break, and if we stand up against them, their enforcers beat us until we bleed.
And in their churches, our ministers exalt their names.
They justify greed and avarice.
They demonize the least of us.
They divide and condemn.
They drive us to toil, saying that it is God’s will.
False teachers, serving the elite.
Did God will poverty?
Did God will starvation, while food rots on the shelves?
Did God will homelessness, while buildings stand vacant?
Injustice for those righteous?
Marginalization and death at the hands of the state?
Families torn apart?
Mothers, burying their children?
The young, left motherless and without a home?
Wars for profit and land?
Cultures wiped out?
Marketed and sold?
Human beings locked in cages, mutilated and tortured in the unholy name of their legislated, fake, puritan morality?
Prouvaires and provocateurs of poison holding power?
These Sadducees?
These Pharisees?
These teachers of the law who devour the houses of widows?
These carnivalesque, con men of capitalism, cannibalizing the emotions of those still kind enough to care?
Drawing upon their hope only to drown in their money?
Is that truly God’s will?
I say no.
I say they’ve sold their souls, and are trying to barter and bargain with ours.
I say the time is drawing near for those few to step aside.
Time for those few to relinquish their grip on our throats.
Our time.
Our energy.
Our children.
Our lives.
Our souls
This world could be.
Must be.
We can build a new world.
A good world.
A world of equality and prosperity.
A world where progress benefits mankind in its entirety, rather than those few.
A world where people are valued for their soul, rather than their ability to produce.
A world where the sick are healed, and the hungry fed.
A world that doesn’t wage war for profit.
A world where every child has a safe and welcoming home.
A world where knowledge is shared by all, and benefits all.
A world where the worker doesn’t have to work until they die.
A world where people can enjoy their lives, and raise their families.
A world where greed cannot win over the common good.
A world where the words of division hold no weight.
A world where ideas of racial and religious purity fall on ears unwilling to listen.
A new and better world.
We must, for the sake of our children,
Come together to topple the system.
A system that reaps from us, our compassion and love.
That requires poverty to survive and grow.
That needs Racism to prosper and maintain.
That plants the seeds of division and hate in our collective soil
Only to harvest from us, the fruits of our disdain.
To bleed us dry while we blame each other.
To bring us to our knees in eternal subservience.
We must not fight their wars.
We must not play their game.
By their rules.
We, the common.
We the many.
Of every race and religion.
Of every gender and orientation.
We must unite.
We must stand together.
For if we can succeed.
Fascism will fall.
Capitalism will crumble.
The wealthy will bend and bow.
And those who seek to profit from our misery will break.
So rise now, good comrades.
Family and folk.
Lift up your neighbor.
Strike now for righteousness.
Defend the downtrodden.
Stand with the oppressed and marginalized, and fight for the common good.
For the cause of humanity, and for this earth, of which we are but stewards.
So that, from the ashes of division and fear,
Wreck and ruin.
Hatred and bigotry.
We can create hope and unity.
We can succeed together
We have that power
We have that right.
We have that duty and debt.
Owed to those still not yet born.
In the name of decency and true liberty for all.
We shall prevail.



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