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#NoG20 #Hamburg Updates June 29th: House Searches in #Hamburg

On June 28th we started to publish regular updates with news about the NoG20 protests in Hamburg. Today cops searched 3 buildings, tonight there will be a NoG20 demo against repression. Start 09:00pm, Spielbudenplatz/Reeperbahn Hamburg. With regular updates.


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Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Update 10:40pm Hamburg: Spontaneous NoG20 demo against house searches and ban on camps ended. 


Update 10:04pm Hamburg: Spontanteous demo is still marching. Loads of riot cops, water canons and armoured vehicles around the demo (image).


Update 09:40pm Hamburg: Cops did not allow demo that started at Rote Flora to march to Spielbudenplatz, so the demo from Spielbudenplatz came to the Rote Flora demo. Both demos united now. More than 1000 people at the spontaneous demo.


Update 09:04pm Hamburg: Demo now at Hein-Hoyer-Str and still growing (image).


Update 08:50pm Hamburg: Demo against repression and for protest camps started at Rote Flora (image below) and is marching towards Spielbudenplatz where another demo will start later.


Update 08:17pm: Riot cops coming closer to Rote Flora now (image below).


UPDATE 08:13pm: At 08:30pm a spontaneous demo will start at the Rote Flora (to Spielbudenplatz where another demo will start at 09:00pm)

Update 06:45pm: Many cops are already in the Schanze district (around Rote Flora). At 07:00pm (19:00) there will be an assembly at Rote Flora and after that a spontaneous demo against repression and for the right to camp.


Image: Cops in the Schanze district tonight.

Temer cancelled G20 trip

Brazilians president Temer cancelled his trip to Hamburg. So the G20 is now actually the G19. Lets make it to Gzero!

Mayor Olaf Scholz says authorities can but not must allow a protest camp

After last nights confusing decision by the federal constitutional court on the ban on protest camps during the G20 protests, the cops issued a press release saying they won’t allow a protest camp at Stadtpark. In daily newspaper MoPo Hamburgs mayor Olaf Scholz went even further saying that we “won’t allow camps where violence is being prepared.” Last night Scholz already said local authorities can but must not allow protest camps. This afternoon a “cooperation meeting” with Hamburg police ended after 5 minutes. Activists who attended at the meeting said that the police was not willing to allow the necessary infrastructure for a protest camp anywhere in Hamburg. At 07:00pm tonight there will be an assembly in the Rote Flora about the camps. “Flora Bleibt” tweeted the NoG20 protests now officially escalated before they started (one of the tweets below).  Many tweets with calls to start building camps anyway are going round today.

House searches: German police treat NoG20 interview as crime


Image: cops during house search this morning

At 07:30am today cops did 3 house searches in Hamburg. The spaces of “Roten Aufbau” and 2 more persons were searched. Police justifies the searches with § 140 2. StGB “rewarding and acceptance of crimes”. Its all because of an interview in German daily Taz in December 2016. Taz journalist Katharina Schipkowski tweeted (below) that she received a subpoena to appear as a witness. Tonight there will be a NoG20 demo against repression. Start 09:00pm, Spielbudenplatz/Reeperbahn Hamburg

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