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#NoG20 #Hamburg Updates July 2: Administrative Court Allows Tents to Sleep

On June 28th we started to publish regular updates with news about the NoG20 protests in Hamburg. Today with adminsitrative court allows tents to sleep in protest camp and information by the NoG20 legal team. During the day we will publish NoG20 updates from Hamburg on this page.


Published by Enough is Enough

You will find all our No G20 stories here.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Update 00:30am NoG20 Hamburg: So cops did not evict the camp but illegally confiscated 11 tents to sleep. This was against a court verdict (which you can read here – German – as PDF download: 17-07-01-Beschluss). During the illegal police operation hundreds of riot cops stormed the camp at Elbpark Entenwerder, injured several people (one of them is at the intensive care unit in hospital) and temporarely detained at least 2 people. They have threatened and beaten journalists and staged a coup against the German judicial system. This will not be unanswered! We go out now and bring you new updates tomorrow.

Update 00:14am NoG20 Hamburg: At the moment all detainees are released again. People injured because of pepper spray. One person at the intensive care unit in hospital.


Update 11:31pm No G20 Hamburg: People can leave the camps at the backside.

Update 11:25pm NoG20 Hamburg: Cops closed the upper entrance of Elbpark Entenwerder. They dont let people out of the park (camp).

Update 11:15pm NoG20 Hamburg: Journalist Marteimer reports that several people were injured during the police operation in Entenwerder. Her press card was slapped and she was beaten in her belly. She also got pepper sprayed. A cameraman was told by a cops: “Film me and you will collect”. When Marteimer asked a police spokesman why she and other journalists were attacked, he said “Yes, and? I can’t do nothing about that.”

Update 11:08pm Hamburg: Hundreds of riot cops stormed the camp to illegally confiscate 10 tents to sleep. Since 12:00pm the police is acting illegally against the camp at Elbpark Entenwerder although the administrative court allowed the camp including tents to sleep. Cops now asked the court for a new verdict (not an appeal, like.. well we dont like this verdict … please make a new one…) and said they would CONSIDER to respect a new verdict. This is unprecedented in Germany.

Update 10:52pm NoG20 Hamburg: Until now 2 detentions and several people injured. Unclear what the cops are up to.

NoG20 Phone Number of the legal team in Hamburg is: +49 (0) 40 432 78 778

Update 10:43pm NoG20 Hamburg: Prisoner transporter arrived. So cops seem to want to detain at least some people?

Update 10:30pm NoG20 Hamburg: Riot cops illegally evict Entenwerder camp now. Livestream:

Update 10:22pm Nog20 Hamburg: Riot cops have put on their helmets. Camp eviction could be soon. Livestream here:

Update 10:01pm NoG20 Hamburg: More cops at the entrance of the Elbpark Entenwerder now.

Update 09:44pm NoG20 Hamburg: There is information that the cops dont let anybody in anymore at the protest camp in Elbpark Entenwerder and that cops are reinforcing.

Update 09:39pm Hamburg: Reinforcements of criminals in uniform march to the protest camp at Elbpark Entenwerder (Video in Tweet below).

Update 09:28pm NoG20 Hamburg: Cops continue to stage a coup against the court and its verdict and want to enforce the unlawful ban on sleeping tents.

Update 09:12pm Hamburg: Officer in charge now threatens to evict camp at Elbpark Entenwerder again. Tweet from lawyers:

Update 08:56pm Hamburg: Cops allow people to start building up a camp at Elbpark. BUT they published a press release saying that the court allowed the camp yesterday but that cops still will not allow tents to sleep. They dont say why they still ignore the part of the courts decision to allow tents to sleep in their press release. People are now building up sleeping tents.

Update 08:26pm Hamburg: Cops retreat from the entrance of Elbpark Entenwerder. Maybe they finally understood that they cant act against a court decision? People can start building up the protest camp now.

Update 08:05pm Hamburg: Cops evict activists who occupied the square in front of city hall after cops ignored cops decision to allow a camp at Elbpark.

03:40pm We will go out for a few hours now, but we will come back later.

Update 03:02pm Hamburg: Camp organisers rejected the “offer” of local authorities to build a camp on half of the space and without tents to sleep. So apart from the police local authorites are now also ignoring the court decision to allow tents to sleep at Elbpark. Camp organisers say they will now stay at the street. People already have build up tents there in the past hours.

Update 03:00pm Hamburg: Talks with local authorities about the protest camp at Elbpark have ended. More riot cops showed up with helmets after talks ended. Some of them stole a new version of the #Dudde you old toilet brush” shield.

Update 02:47pm Hamburg: Local authorities are now at entrance of Elbpark and it seems like they want to make an offer to the #NoG20 camp organisers. Stay tuned.

Update 02:36pm Hamburg: Activists continue to build up tents in front of riot cops at the entrance of Elbpark Entenwerder. Cops are still blocking the park and by doing that cops ignore last nights court decision which allows a protest camp with tents to sleep at Elbpark. Come there and support the several hundred people that are already there.

Update 02:11pm Hamburg: Cops put helmets on at Elbpark and steal shield with “#Dudde you old toilet brush”. Dudde is leading the police operations in Hamburg.

Update 01:58pm Hamburg: NoG20 General assembly location changed from Rote Flora to Elbpark Entenwerder. 07:00pm tonight!


Update 01:44pm Hamburg: Cops are spreading lies at train station (S-Bahnhof) Rothenburgsort to discourage people not to come to the protest camp at Elbpark. Ignore them, come!

Update 12:47pm Hamburg: Cops are still ignoring the court decision to allow a camp with sleeping places in Elbpark. Activists started to build up tents to sleep in front of the police chains that closed Elbpark.

Update 12:28pm Hamburg: Lawyer Klingner says about the cops again ignoring the court decision through a megaphone: This is a coup against the justice system.

Update12:28pm Hamburg: The administrative court allowed activists to start building up a camp with tents to sleep from 12:00pm (read the story about the court decision below). We have 12:28pm now but until now cops ignore the court decision and block the road to Elbpark Entenwerder. 

Update 12:10pm Hamburg Starting gathering of the reformist Nog20 demo in Hamburg.

Update 11:45am The road to Elbpark Entenwerder (more about the protest camp below) is blocked with 2 police vans. At Billwerder Neuer Deich are at least 20 more vans “hidden”

Administrative court Allows tents to sleep in protest camp

After a long judicial and politival battle organisers of one of the protest camps finally cann start building the protest camp with tents to sleep. In the night hours the administrative court of Hamburg decided that police authorities have to allow tents to sleep in the protest camp after the verdict by the constitutional court earlier this week. Activists are mobilising to build up the camp and ask all people to come to Elbpark Entenwerder* (SBahn Rothenburgsort) 12:00pm (midday). After local- and police authorities ignored the verdict of the constitutional court activists need as many people as possible to build up the protest camp to create facts in case authorities start to make trouble again. Apart from the S-Bahn (train) you can also reach the camp with Bus 3, 120, 124. Get out of the bus at bus stop “Billhorner Röhrendamm”. If you travel with 154 or 34, get out of the bus at bus stop “Zweibrückenstr.” 


Today 07:00pm general assembly at Rote Flora about the situation of the NoG20 camps in Hamburg.

After last nights positive court decision about tents to sleep, the general assembly might be different but there is still a lot to discuss. The general assembly starts at 07:00pm at the Rote Flora.

Call for education strike at July 7

Students call for a “Bildungstrike” (education strike) at July 7. They want to shut down all schools and universities in Hamburg and protest on July 7 at 10:30am at Deichtorplatz (Image below; route of the demo) in Hamburg. More information (German):


Information by the NoG20 legal team

(Originally published by Legal Team G20 Hamburg)

Political actions often result in problems with the police forces. The Legal Team (EA) is an anti-repression structure supporting you during and after actions. If necessary, in cooperation with solidary lawyers.

The legal team can be contacted under the following number: +49(0)40 432 78 778

This number is NOT A helpline service.

Some hints to effectively counter the repression of the protests to be expected:

during the months before the G20 summit:
  • The repressive forces are preparing themselves for the G20 summit as well, namely with attempts of chatting up, house searches, telephone tapping, surveillance etc. Do not let yourself become intimidated, clean up at home and try to keep any incriminating material outside of your private rooms. Encrypt data carriers and your email and SMS communication.
  • Make yourself familiar with friends, comrades and confidants about any situation you might be confronted with and make arrangements for the joint behaviour and your forms of actions. Also talk about your fears.
  • Exchange your complete names and dates of birth. Memorize the information to be able to speedily inform the EA in case of emergency.
  • It makes sense to take precautions in the event that you will be taken in custody and you may have to spend more than 24 hours in a cell. Who shall be informed? Which dates have to be cancelled? Who will take care of what?
  • Tell people and/or initiatives in your city about the time you are going to leave and of your planned return.
During the action days:
  • It is recommended to take along dark, uniform clothes without particular characteristics (such as patches etc.) and a cap, base-cap.
  • Leave any and all needless data at home (address book, calendar etc.)
  • If you don’t want to do without mobile, get an inexpensive demo mobile with as little stored data as possible.
  • No alcohol, no drugs at actions and demonstrations.
  • Take along eye-rinsing solution and first-aid kit and familiarize yourself with the handling. Take along a second set of clothes.
  • Take along medicines you need regularly in a sufficient amount (guideline: action period + 3 days) and also your health insurance card.
In case of arrest/detention:
  • In case of an arrest/detention, you will be obliged to state your name, your registered address and date of birth. Take along your identity card, passport, visa, residence permits or similar documents. Legal note: if you fail to state your personal data, this will be regarded as an administrative offence and may result in an ED procedure (ED = fingerprints, photos) and even to a detention awaiting trial, depending on the charge involved.
  • In any case, refuse to give evidence. Irrespective of what police is asking for, don’t say anything – it would only harm you and others. Refusing to give evidence is a strong offensive approach wearing down and diffusing police interrogations. The refusal is your right and you cannot be forced to give evidence. They will still try to make you talk with tricks. Do not engage yourself in supposedly harmless discussions and do not comment to the charge made – no matter how absurd it is. Do not make any statement regarding the charge to any other fellow inmate as well.
  • Do not sign any paper. There is no reason for it and may be harmful in case of doubt. You will also get back your belongings without signature.
  • Call the EA. You have the right to a successful phone call, demand this vigorously. Caution: the phone will be tapped, only state your name, date of birth, the place you are and what you are accused of. Do NOT state, what you did or what you didn’t do. In case of doubt, let the EA ask questions.
  • It happens, that you will be subjected to an „ED procedure“ at the police station. This will include fingerprints and photos, up to a collection of physical characteristics. In this case, the procedure must „match“ the allegations – in case of a standard charge, such as „disturbing the peace“, the taking of fingerprints, for example, is not allowed, because this will not help to „clarify facts“. Do not voluntarily cooperate in the ED procedure! Do not walk around in front of the camera („Motion Profile“), do not change clothes for the photo. Do not „voluntarily“ hand over DNA samples. These can only be taken with your approval or upon a judicial decision. File an objection against this. This must not be signed by you as well.
  • You may be kept in police custody until the end of the following day. Upon a judicial decision, however, up to 10 days. Reasons for this would be, for example, emergency response/preventive custody: „in order to prevent the imminent commitment of an administrative offence of considerable importance for the general public or the commitment of a criminal offence“, or the enforcement of a prohibition of access or stay.
  • If police wants to enforce a detention awaiting trial, you will be put before a judge. Urge for legal assistance. Only use the lawyers of the EA. If you are before the judge without a lawyer or only with a police lawyer, insist on a lawyer of the EA and always repeat this request (e.g. „This is not my lawyer, I herewith request a lawyer of the EA and I want to call there“). Do not make any statement here, this is also your right here.
  • The EA will take care, together with lawyers, that you will be out of detention as fast as possible. This will not cost you anything.
  • As soon as you are out, make sure to quickly inform the EA (check out).
Arrest/Detention of young people
  • Legal definition of young people: persons older than 14 but not yet 18 years old.
  • In case young people will be arrested,. the parents or guardians, respectively, must be informed. If these cannot be contacted, the emergency services for children and young people in Hamburg will be informed. If you are on the way with adult friends, try to get a power of attorney from your parents, transferring the educational right to them for the period of the action days. This will enable these persons to collect you.
  • It is not allowed to arrest young persons at all without any charge against them or who do not considerably disturb the operations. If it is impossible to hand over these young people to a guardian or to the Youth Welfare Office, they must be supervised outside police custody. It is not allowed to accommodate young persons together with adults.
  • Often, police officers fail to do so, which might be in the interest of the person involved.
  • It is not allowed to subject persons under the age of 14 to an ED procedure or an interrogation.
Special conditions in the Federal Republic of Germany:
  • It is prohibited to carry or wear objects protecting the body against police violence (helmets, protectors etc.) and weapons or face masks are not allowed. Be careful and consider well, what you plan to use in which situation.
  • Police forces often use close escorting (side escorting) for assemblies, trying to intimidate through presence. It happens, that pick squads enter into demonstrations as a provocation. Pepper spray is used very frequently, also batons and water canons with irritating substances, no rubber bullets.
  • Demonstrations are accompanied by police in uniforms and in civilian clothes. Keep this in mind, if you plan to become active out of the demonstration. Arrests will be made, in particular through plain-clothed policemen even hours or days later. If possible, leave the place and change clothes after actions.
  • Check, whether you got a health insurance in the Federal Republic of Germany and – if not – take out a foreign travel health insurance.

If you get problems with the repression authorities at a later stage, contact your local anti-rep group or the Hamburg EA.

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