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#NoG20 #Hamburg Updates July 4: Ultimatum Passes…

On June 28th we started to publish regular updates with news about the NoG20 protests in Hamburg. Today with adminsitrative court allows tents to sleep in protest camp and information by the NoG20 legal team. During the day we will publish NoG20 updates from Hamburg on this page. We will update this page regularly.



Published by Enough is Enough

You will find all our No G20 stories here.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Update 00:06pm NoG20 Hamburg: First they evicted Bartelstraße, after that Susannenstraße and now these streets are open again… Totally clueless.

Update 11:33pm NoG20 Hamburg: Livestream from eviction of Pferdemarkt: here

Update 11:13pm NoG20 Hamburg: Water canon active against people at Arrivati Park without any reason. 3000 partying people are shocked.

Update 1049pm NoG20: Fireworks in Hamburg.

Update 10:28pm NoG20 Hamburg: Eviction of Pferdemarkt started. Water canons come to the front.

Update 10:18pm No G20 Hamburg: blocks Streßemannstraße at the moment.

Update 10:02pm NoG20 Hamburg: 50 people kettled at Susannestrasse/ Sternschanze.

09:53pm NoG20 Hamburg: Activists occupied the Schauspielhaus theater. After some reports that this is fakenews, these pictures from thrustworthy Twitter accounts seem to proof that its occupied. The spontaneous demo was on its way to the theater before it was attacked by riot cops.

09:43pm NoG20 Hamburg: Cops stopped spontaneous demo at Sternbrücke. Several People injured and some detentions.

09:24pm NoG20 Hamburg: Video of cops retreating from Gählerpark:

09:15pm NoG20 Hamburg: But cops confiscated the tents at Gählerpark before they retreated.

09:12pm NoG20 Hamburg: Thadenstr closed by riot cops.

09:10pm NoG20 Hamburg: Cops stopped the eviction and retreat (at least for the moment) because of strong resistcance. Livestream here

09:01pm NoG20 Hamburg: Livestream eviction of Gählerspark Hamburg; here


08:52pm Nog20 Hamburg: Second announcement by cops; No tents or eviction.

08:50pm NoG20 Hamburg: Cops at Gählerpark. First announcement that gathering is unlawful.

Update 08:40pm NoG20 Hamburg: Cops are marching to Gählerspark. There are many reports of movements of cops in the city.

08:36pm A few tweets from the solidarity with NoG20 #YesweCamp  action in Wuppertal, Germany. We tweeted live from Wuppertal.

We are out now for a couple of hours but will tweet live with @enough14 from the #YesWeCampWtal solidarity action from 05:00pm in Wuppertal, Germany.

Update 03:54pm NoG20 Hamburg: Cops allow 2(!!!) tents to sleep for mass sleep-inn action at Altona protest camp.

Update 3:19 pm: 2 water cannons and an armoured sweeper (to remove barricades) take position close by Holiday Inn near to Elbpark Entenwerder protest camp.

Update 03:03pm NoG20 Hamburg: Water canon on its way to Elbpark Entenwerder protest camp

New NoG20 camp at Johaniskirche/Max Braueralle in Hamburg after the ultimatum against the senate passed…

Update 02:18pm Hamburg: Cops are reinforcing at Elbpark #Entenwerder protest camp.

Cops attack lawyers in Hamburg

The “Republikaniser Anwältinnen und Anwalte Verein” (RAV, association of free lawyers) published a press release in which they write that police authorities in Hamburg are attacking lawyers by claiming the membership of lawyers in the RAV is an indiciation that they are a threat to public security (German):

A world without police: Peter Gelderloos

In these days full of repression by police forces we recommend to read “A world without police” by Peter Gelderloos:

Update 01:51pm NoG20 Hamburg: Police controls at Entenwerder and Altona protest camps.

Update 01:48pm Hamburg: First “barrio” is ready at the new NoG20 protest camp at Johanneskirche at Sternbrücke.

Update 12:59pm Wuppertal, Germany: Apart from todays #YesWeCamp action at 05:00pm at the Alte Freiheit in front of City-Arkaden, activists announced a drumming with potts and pans action against G20 and empty buildings for tomorrow 07:00pm (19:00) at the Otto-Böhne-Platz in Wuppertal, Germany.

Update 11:05am Hamburg: Cops are at Altona protest camp and prevent activists from unloading tables and chairs.

Ultimatum against the senate of Hamburg passed.

At 10:00am this morning the ultimatum against the senate in Hamburg passed. Autonomous activists demanded from the senate to allow a protest camps with tents to sleep until 10:00am this morning. Otherwise activists would start wild camps across Hamburg. The senate didn’t react so things might escalate today. First “wild” camps already started: (German).

Solidarity actions after Police attack against protest camp in Elbpark Entenwerder

After the police attack against the protest camp on Sunday night, there where solidarity actions in Munich (Tweet below), Leipzig and other cities yesterday. Today there will be more solidarity actions. One of them in Wuppertal, Germany (05:00pm, Alte Freiheit, in front of the City Arkaden shopping mall).

CrimethInc: “Police Raid on the G20 Camp: A Tale of Violence and Betrayal What the Raid Shows about the Police States to Come”


The week of demonstrations against the G20 summit in Hamburg got off to a telling start on Sunday. A lengthy court battle culminated with the highest court in Germany upholding the right of the anticapitalist camp to set up in Hamburg. Yet when they attempted to do so, the police blocked access to the park, directly violating the court ruling, then carried out a brutal raid in which several hundred riot police surrounded and brutalized campers and confiscated their belongings.

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