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#NoG20 #Hamburg Updates July 5: Violent Cops Spreading Fakenews

On June 28th we started to publish regular updates with news about the NoG20 protests in Hamburg. Today with adminsitrative court allows tents to sleep in protest camp and information by the NoG20 legal team. During the day we will publish NoG20 updates from Hamburg on this page. We will update this page regularly.


Riot cops violently cleared Pferdemarkt last night.

Published by Enough is Enough

You will find all our No G20 stories here.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Update 01:16am No G20 Hamburg: We go out now. Thanks for reading. The last tweet (below) is at Neuen Kamp, neat the zoo where people are chilling, talking and dancing. We will be back with a new live Blog tomorrow morning. One of the stories is about the Welcome to Hell demo, which is the only noG20 demo without any terms when it was registered. Lawyers said today that they assume the cops are not planning to let the dmo march until its final point. Stay tuned!

#NoG20: Aggressive Police Operation Against Protest Camps and Partying Crowd


G20 Legal Team, press release #9, July 5th 2017

Due to constant police harassment, the camp in Elbpark Entenwerder was abandoned on the 4th July in favour of several decentralized smaller camps. On the 5th July the Higher Administrative Court finaly decided to allow „300 additional small tents (maximum 3 persons per tent), as well as a kitchen, toilets and showers, besides the tents that had so far been permitted for organizing the event“. The original request had been for 1500 tents.

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#NoG20 Despite Harassment and Delay: #ZuG20 on its Way to #Hamburg!

Press release #10, G20 Legal Team, July 5th 2017


The special train ZuG20 from Basel to the protests against the G20 summit left the train station on the 5th of July with four hours delay. Out of the 160 people that wanted to use it, 32 were stopped from traveling to Hamburg: 24 people received travel bans and eight missed the train due to deliberately delayed checks by the Swiss and German Police.

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Update 00:13am NoG20 Hamburg: Helicopter is circeling above Binnenalster. At Jungfernstieg everything calmed down.

Update 11:58pm NoG20 Hamburg: At least 3 more detentions at Jungfernstieg. Massive police forces there now.

Update 11:44pm NoG20 Hamburg: More riot squats arrived. Several detentions at Binnenalster.

Update 11:39pm Nog20 Hamburg: One detention at Jungfernstieg. Allegedly for aggravated assault.

Update 11:20pm NoG20 Hamburg: Cops retreat from final point of the Rave demo.

Update 11:05pm NoG20 Hamburg: Water canons at Gänsemarkt retreated.

Update 11:04pm NoG20 Hamburg: According to journalist Philip Eckstein a new demo wants to march to Messe (the fair where the G 20 conference will held their summit.

Update 11:00pm NoG20 Hamburg: It seems that the cops don’t want to escalate a 20.000+  demo. Demo is at the closing gathering now.

Update 10:31pm No G20 Hamburg: Water canons and BFE riot cops arrive.

Update 10:31pm No G20 Hamburg: Cops just stopped rave demo with 18.000 people and are putting on helmets.

NoG20: Hamburg Police is Spreading Mendacious Propaganda

The hamburgian Police tries to find excuses to legitimate their repression. First they started with verbal warnings against specific persons (Gefährderansprachen), then they raided buildings in Hamburg and Rostock. Now they also published a video in which they attempt to connect the confiscated items to the upcoming protests against the G20 summit.

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We are out for a few hours but will tweet live with @enough14 from the action; Drumming against speculation and G20 in front of the #Marien41, a squat in Wuppertal, Germany that was squatted and evicted twice.

Update 06:12pm No G20 Hamburg: Night Dance Demo; Its huge.

Update 06:00pm Wuppertal, Germany: Earlier today people prevented the deportation of 38 people. A bus had to leave empty. Cop radio was panicking a bit and made clear that all riot cops from Wuppertal are in Hamburg at the moment. That could be a big problem.. In less than one hour there will be a gathering against speculation, empty buildings and G20 in Wuppertal. At 07:00pm people will meet in front of the former squat #Marien41 at the Otto-Böhne-Platz and on Saturday there will be a demonstration against deportations, which is organised by refugees themselves. 

Message to the Protesters Against the Hamburg G20 Summit from Imprisoned Comrade Thomas Meyer-Falk

Solidarity and affectionate greetings from prison! When the representatives of the G20 nations meet in Hamburg, the elite of the prison companies, which are represented by Merkel, Trump, Putin and Erdogan, will also meet.

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Sleeping is not a crime

Things are quiet at the moment after another night of police violence in Hamburg. Many people sleep in the “Schauspielhaus” theater. Activists occupied the theater and riot cops moved in but had to leave again after the director of the theater made them clear that he will allow the activists to sleep in the theater. Hours after that police authorities where still sending tweets with fakenews, saying that activists cannot sleep in the theater. But that doesn’t surprise anybody anymore. Police authorities were forced to correct that information after a shit storm with video images of the situation inside the theater.

The anti-capitalistic camp  was terrorized by riot cops the whole day yesterday. Cars were searched and at one point riot cops didn’t even allow food into the camp anymore. At one point activists had enough and a general assembly decided to dismantle the camp and to join the call from other activists to camp, occupy and squat parks, squares and other places across Hamburg.

Its clear that police authorities and their bosses of  Hamburg’s senater don’t care anymore what courts decide and will do anything they can to prevent mass protests in the coming days. The goal is clear; demobilizing people from outside Hamburg by repressing any form of infrastructure. Cops dont allow places to sleep but also don’t allow kitchen’s and other infrastructure which a camp with thousands of people need. Police authorities know that protests over several days need an infrastructure. People need to sleep and eat. So both are prohibited and riot cops use massive violence to attack this kind of infrastructure in order to demobilize and prevent mass protests against the G20 summit.

The director of police operations, Hartmut Dudde is a hardliner who was appointed by former interior state minister Roland Schill, a far right politician of the “Partei Rechtsstaatlicher Offensive”. Dudde is doing the dirty job for authoritarian politicians like Hamburg’s mayor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and federal interior minister Thomas de Mazière (CDU), who both don’t like to see any protests during the G20 summit in Hamburg. Scholz called the G20 summit in his city “a festival of democracy” but the ban zones and massive police violence makes him sound like a clown. Even many conservative voters who live in Hamburg are fed up because of the army of riot cops who are patrolling and harassing people in Hamburg for several weeks now.

With cops ignoring court decisions registering demos, camps and other actions seems to be more useless than ever before. That opens a lot of possibilities of wild actions which are harder to control for police forces. Once again one of the wannabee “democratic” western states shows its real face. The backlash of the police state could be that resistance will grow, not only during the G20 summit. Hamburg’s conservative daily MOPO already published a story that NoG20 activists are more united than ever  before after the massive police violence, that could lead to a much stronger movement against authoritarian neo-liberal states.

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