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#NoG20 #Hamburg Updates July 6: Live-Blog Welcome To Hell Demo

On June 28th we started to publish regular updates with news about the NoG20 protests in Hamburg. Today with Welcome to Hell demo and last legal updates. During the day we will publish NoG20 updates from Hamburg on this page. We will update this page regularly. Refresh the page to see the updates.


Published by Enough is Enough

You will find all our No G20 stories here.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Update 09:29pm NoG20 Hamburg: Another spontaneous demo is bloacked by riot cops, 2 water canons, a armoured sweeper at Hafenstraßer in the direction of Landungsbrücken.

Update 09:21pm NoG20 Hamburg: People come to Reeprbahn for a spontaneous demo against police violence.

Update 09:00pm NoG20 Hamburg: Several NDR reporter all report the same; At first the violence and escalation was NOT coming from the protesters.

Update 08:38pm NoG20 Hamburg: Watercanon asks for more riot cops otherwise they can’t continue. Stay strong Hamburg!

Update 08:15pm NoG20 Hamburg: People start building barricades to defend themselves after massive police attacks. Livestream: here

Update 08:04pm NoG20 Hamburg: Many people injured because of tear gas and jumping from a wall after police attack.

Update 08:01pm NoG20 Hamburg: Clashes with even non-black bloc activists starting to defend themselves against massive police attack. Live stream: here

Update 07:54pm NoG20 Hamburg: People lying on the ground unconscious

Update 07:49pm NoG20 Hamburg: Riot cops attack Welcome to Hell demo before the demo even started marching. Livestream here

Update 07:30pm NoG20 Hamburg: Organisers Welcome to Hell demo and cops are negotiating. Riot cops, water canons and armoured sweepers are still preventing people to start marching.

Update 07:20pm NoG20 Hamburg: Hugee Black Bloc at the front of the Welcome to Hell demo that still didnt start marching because riot cops block the demo.

Update 07:13pm NoG20 Hamburg: Cops say they block the Welcome to Hell demo because there are people wearing masks…

Update 07:06pm NoG20 Hamburg: On this picture you can see that the water canons and armoured sweeper are directed towards the demo before the demo even started marching. The cops never planned to let the demo march. This will lead to a major confrontation.

Update 07:05pm NoG20 Hamburg: 4 Water canons towards to the front og the Welcome to Hell demo. Demo didn’t event start to march.

Update 07:00pm NoG20 Hamburg: Riot cops already blocking Welcome to Hell demo before the demo even started to march. Livestream here

Livestream from Welcome to Hell starting gathering; here

Update 06:45pm NoG20 Hamburg: Front of the Welcome to Hell demo is getting in position. Soon the demo will start marching.

Update 06:29pm NoG20 Hamburg: 3 armoured sweepers and 4 water canons at Millerntor.

Update: Video from a little bit earlier. USK riot cops from Bavaria blocked the spontaneous demo from Volkspark to the starting point of the Welcome to Hell demo. A few minutes later cops retreated again.

Update 05:42pm NoG20 Hamburg: Many riot cops around the starting point of Welcome to Hell demo at Fischmarkt. Until now everything calm.

Update 05:40pm NoG20 Hamburg: Reports that USK riot cops from Bavaria attacked spontaneous demo from Volkspark to starting point of the Welcome to Hell demo. USK retreated again.

Update 05:00pm NoG20 Hamburg: Number of people at the starting gathering of the Welcome to Hell demo ist constantly growing. Now about 6000 people. Until now the cops are calm.

Update 05:01pm NoG20 Hamburg: Between 500 and 600 people marching as a spontaneous demo from Volkspark stadium (HSV) to the starting point of the welcome to hell demo at Fischmarkt. Cops with massive reinforcements.

Update 05:00pm NoG20 Hamburg: Democracy in Europe. Italian NoG20 activists who were filmed by German public TV station NDR in Bologna, Italy, are not allowed to enter Germany at Hamburg airport.


Update 04:34pm NoG20 Hamburg: Some people tweet that there were no police controls on their way to the Welcome To Hell demo.

Update 04:31pm NoG20 Hamburg: Behind the stage at the starting of the Welcome to Hell demo is a water canon.

Update 04:04pm NoG20 Hamburg: Impressions of the material of German cops at Fischmarkt. Looks like a fair…

Update 04:03pm NoG20 Hamburg: Even more repression. Two comrades from Italy were not allowed to enter the airport. Diffidati con noi!

Update 03:53pm NoG20 Hamburg: 4 water canons and 2 armoured sweepers now at Landungsbrücken.

Update 03:48pm NoG20 Breda, Netherlands: Smash G 20! Banner drop in Breda on Tuesday.


03:36pm We are back and will start updating again now.

Update 12:30pm NoG20 Hamburg: We take a break to rest and eat something. We will be back at 03:30pm but migh come back sooner in case something big happens.








































Update 12:22pm NoG20 Hamburg: Not enough police vans? A public transport bus full of cops.


















Update 12:13pm NoG20 Hamburg: First glazier are on their way.
















Update 12:08pm NoG20 Hamburg: Timetable of he G20 delegations at Hamburg airport.



























Update 11:18pm NoG20 Hamburg: Stores and banks are preparing for things to come..














Update 10:55am Nog20 Hamburg: All people in Hamburg suffer under the police state.












Update 10:42am NoG20 Hamburg: Speculation on Twitter how far todays Welcome to Hell will march. Some say demo will march 15 meters, others are optimistic and say 100 meters. Many people are sure the cops will stop the demo, like they did with the Rota Flora demo in 2013 (see story from early this morning on this page)











Update 10:32am NoG20 Hamburg: Spontaneous demo arrived at Altona camp.














Update 10:05am NoG20 Hamburg: 10 Porsche sports cars from a car dealer were torched in Hamburg Eidelstedt district during the night.



Update 10:04am NoG20 Hamburg: Spontaneous demo is loud and marching to the Altona camp.









Update 09:49am NoG20 Hamburg: The 1000 activists from the special train from Basel, Switzerland are now at Hamburg Eidelstedt. They will march as a spontaneous demo to the Altona camp.







Update 09:34am NoG20 Hamburg: FC St Pauli offers 200 places to sleep at the main tribune of the Millerntor stadium.






Update 09:34pm NoG20 Hamburg: All passengers from the special NoG20 train from Basel, Switzerland that arrived about 1 hour ago, where able to continue their journey to the Altona district withoutpolice controls.





Update 09:25am NoG20 Hamburg: Cops now let the 1000 activists in the S-Bahn to get to the Altona district.




Update 09:15am NoG20 Hamburg; About 1000 activists arrived in Hamburg with a special train from Basel, Switzerland. Cops wont let them get into a local train (S-Bahn) to the Hamburg Altona district.



Welcome to Hell demo; what are the cops up to?


Today the anti-capitalistic Welcome to Hell demo will march in Hamburg. If the cops let them… In a press release, the lawyers emergency service said that usually police authorities in Hamburg give organisers of registered demonstrations where there is only a fractional amount of indications that the demo could lead to riots, a pile of terms. But not todays Welcome to Hell demo; police authorities did not issue one term and even allowed (on paper) to let the demo march very close to the Messe (fair), where the G20 summit will be held on Friday and Saturday. The lawyers emergency service fear that police authorities will not let the Welcome to Hell demo march at all. After months of police propaganda about the “violent activists” and the way violent cops attacked peaceful protesters in the camps and on the streets of Hamburg its more than strange that the Welcome to Hell demo has no terms at all. Police authorities in Hamburg have experience with stopping demos. At December 21, 2013 the Rote Flora demomatched only 40 meters after it was stopped and attacked by riot cops. 

#NoG20 Plan of Action for the International Anticapitalist Demonstration


Latest information about the Welcome to Hell demonstration in Hamburg on July 6th. Continue reading at:

The legal team published information about the legal situation for No G 20 activists


Political actions often result in problems with the police forces. The Legal Team (EA) is an anti-repression structure supporting you during and after actions. If necessary, in cooperation with solidary lawyers.

The legal team can be contacted under the following number: +49(0)40 432 78 778

This number is NOT A helpline service. Continue reading at:

08:34am NoG20 Hamburg; Special train with No G20 activists from Basel, Switzerland arrived in Hamburg.

#NoG20 #Hamburg: Dezentralized Infrastructure on Site!


Good news for the protest against the G20 in Hamburg: the necessary infrstructure for the resistance is in place. While there was a huge focus on all the bullying and attacks of the cops, while they are still trying to block camps, what is working succesful went out of sight. This overview shall give an orientation in the dezentralized structure in Hamburg and motivate all to come here. Those who are traveling to Hamburg is in between all the blue light and zones heartly welcome. Because the situation is much better, than most of the news are showing daily

Continue reading at:

As things could get rough today we remind you on this article about protest policing in Germany;

Know Your Enemy, #NoG20 Edition – Protest Policing in Germany


The G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany is approaching fast. Tens of thousands of activists are mobilising to protest the event, including many who will come to Germany from abroad. It’s safe to say that all of our actions, no matter which approach we choose to protest or disrupt the summit, will have to deal with police presence at some point. To people who have little or no experience with major protest events in Germany, it is important to know that German tactics of protest policing differ noticeably from those found in other western countries such as France, Italy, Denmark or Great Britain.

Continue reading at:

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