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#NoG20 #Hamburg July 7 Part 2: Live-Blog Block G20


On June 28th we started to publish regular updates with news about the NoG20 protests in Hamburg. Today with block the summit and other updates. We will update this page regularly. Refresh the page to see the updates.


06:14pm Riot cops near Elbphilharmonie. Image by Twitter account @c_hedtke

Published by Enough is Enough

You will find all our No G20 stories here.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

You can read part 1 of todays live blog here.

Update 02:15am NoG20 Hamburg: We go out now to get some sleep. Tomorrow we will be back with another Live Blog. Take care!

Update 02:08am NoG20 Hamburg: More and more riot cop squads leave the Schanze district.

Update 02:03am NoG20 Hamburg: Many people with injuries inside Rote Flora.

Update 01:48am NoG20 Hamburg: The false report from SEK cops storming Rote Flora came from Reuters.

Update 01:03am NoG20 Hamburg: Photo journo Sören Kohlhuber writes that SEK cop pointed his gun on him when he tried to make a picture of the SEK cop.

Update 0047am NoG20 Hamburg: Cops are not allowing to film and even threatened journalists. But some people continue to film anyway.

Update 0038am No G20 Hamburg: Image of a member of SEK special forces in Schanze district little bit earlier.


Update 00:21am NoG20 Hamburg: Special police forces with machine guns are storming the Rote Flora. NOT CONFIRMED!!!!


Update 00:10am NoG20 Hamburg: Cops asked media not to document ongoing polive operation at Schanze. Jornos asked if press freedom is now completely abolished in Germany.

Update 00:07am NoG20 Hamburg: Livestream shows special police forces with machine guns on roofs in Schanze district.

Update 00:00am NoG20 Hamburg: Multiscreen 3 livestreams from Schanze district. Cops moving in!  Livestream here

Update 11:56pm NoG20 Hamburg: Reuters livestream shows cops going into Schanze district: here.

Update 11:39pm NoG20 Hamburg: Riot cops are moving into Schanze district. Just outside Schanze are SEK and GSG9 anti-terrorism squads with machine guns…

Update 11:31pm Pictures of SEK special police squad with machine guns just outside Schanze district are going round on Twitter.


Update 11:26pm NoG20 Hamburg: Riot cops are reinforcing just outside Schanze district. Livestream from inside the Schanze district: here.

Update 11:00pm NoG20 Hamburg: Critical mass cycling demo against G20 is still riding.

Update 22:30pm NoG20 Hamburg: Video from earlier today; Riot cops drag an injured and unconscious person over the ground.

Update 10:15pm NoG20 Hamburg: Livestream of the clashes in the Schanze district.

Update 10:11pm NoG20 Hamburg: Video of the warn shot being fired by a cop we reported earlier about.

Update 09:54pm NoG20 Hamburg:: Livestream from clashes at Lerchenstr: here.

Update 09:53pm NoG20 Hamburg: In the Schanze district Rewe and Budni stores are plundered.

Update 09:50pm NoG20 Hamburg: Livestream from revolutionary demo at Reeperbahn: here.

Update 09:18pm NoG20 Hamburg: Descalation by cops… ACAB!

Update 08:50pm NoG20 Hamburg: Situation at Pferdemarkt is totally out of control. Cops dont have enough riot squads here. Scaffolds become firewood.

Update 08:50pm NoG20 Hamburg: Confirmed information that one G20 delegation had to return to their hotel because of the blockades.

Update 08:25pm NoG20 Hamburg: Riot cops back at Pferdemarkt (Video Tweet below).




















Update 08:22pm NoG20 Hamburg: Riotcops at Pferedemarkt running away in livestream.

Update 08:15pm No G20 Hamburg Warning shot: According to this livestream it was a cop in plain clothes who was identified by activists.

Update 08:00pm NoG20 Hamburg: Twitter account from cops fom Hamburg, @PolizeiHamburg tweeted that a cop was attacked at Schanzen district. The cop fired a warn shot with live ammo and fled into a store after that.


















Update 07:40pm NoG20 Hamburg: Cops attack in  livestream; here.

















Update 07:31pm NoG20 Hamburg: Water canons to disperse people that blocked Japanese G20 delegation.

















Update 07:20pm NoG20 Hamburg: Convoy of japanese G20 delegation blocked  near Millerntor.





























Update 07:20pm NoG20 Hamburg: Riot cops around Sankt Pauli stadium (tweeted pics below). Media center and antifa kitchen is there.















Update 07:13pm NoG20 Hamburg. Clashes at Landungsbrücken a little bit earlier tonight.













Update 07:13pm NoG20 Hamburg. Clashes at Landungsbrücken a little bit earlier tonight. Images by Tim Lüdermann.



































Update 06:47pm NoG20 Hamburg: Reeprbahn right now. Next demo in about 1 hour (08:00pm)













Update 06:40pm NoG20 Hamburg: Riot cops attack neighbours at Hein Kölisch square, throw a man from his bicycle, shove people to the ground and retreat again.



We will continue our live blog on this page now.

Update 06:00pm NoG20 Hamburg. Livestream from Hamburg; here.




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  1. […] the attack and the next day the cops lost control over the Schanze district for several hours. The authoritarian state responded with Special police forces with machine guns pointed on journalists and people who live in the Schanze district. In the months […]

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