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#NoG20: Solidarity Demos Against #Repression in #Bern and #Hamburg

In Hamburg and Bern people took the streets yesterday in solidarity with NoG20 prisoners and people who got injured during last weeks NoG20 protests.


Image: Solidarity demo in Bern, Switzerland on July 15th.

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Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

In Hamburg about 100 people gathered in front of the Billwerder JVA prison yesterday, where several NoG20 prisoners are imprisoned. 51 people are still in jail. Two of them are Fabio (18) and Maria (23). During a demonstration on Friday 7 July, with the aim of blocking a road leading to the location of the G20 summit, the two protesters from the Italian city of Feltre (Veneto region) were taken into custody. They tried to help a young woman who have been injured by the police. Both were taken to the detention center in Hamburg-Harburg. The police detention was changed to imprisonment, so they are currently in prison. They are accused of a criminal offense in the area of “public order disruption.”


Image: The JVA prison in Hamburg-Bilwerder

In Bern, Switzerland about 150 people took the streets yesterday in solidarity with the NoG20 prisoners and people who got injured during last weeks NoG20 protests in Hamburg. The demonstration was able to march as planned. In a statement activists said that its important to organise and express solidarity against repression. 

The German state is preparing even more repression. The 170 men and women strong G20 police task force asked for cooperation with police forces of other countries in order to be able to arrest activists from outside Germany. In Düsseldorf, Germany, cops were making trouble at a critical mass bicycle demo on Friday. Cops pulled out several people to check their identity papers. Eyewitnesses said that cops motivated their action in Düsseldof, saying that the cops were looking for people who where in Hamburg during the No G 20 protests.

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