#Free_Irianna: Clashes in #Athens, #Greece

Athens, Greece July 17: Anger and Rage followed the court’s rejection of Irianna’s appeal for her 13 years jail sentence to be suspended on 18 July 2017, an order for imprisonment solely based on an almost non-existent partial DNA sample, that according to the judges proved that she belonged to a radical anarchist group.


Image: Clashes in Athens, Greece last night. Image by Twitter account @rozahfourioza

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Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

A protest callled during the night of the same day at Monastiraki where hunreds of people took part, quickly turned into a riot, leading too the destruction of one of the most expensive shopping streets in Europe, namely Ermou St.

The real reason that Irianna, a 29 years old academic, has been convicted in the first place was that before she was even accused by the police, she stood by her partner, when he was accused of being a member of an urban guerrilla group. Despite the fact that her partner was later found innocent of all charges, the Athens Court of Appeal retaliated against her for her loyalty to him, and in essence criminalized her social relations.

According to this absurd legal judgment, anyone can be blamed and condemned for anything. You just have to be friends with someone, who is a friend of someone else and so forth…

“They’re not crazy. Madness is an alibi. They take an arbitrary decision while hiding behind their anonymity and position”.

The five-member Court of Appeal dismissed Herianas’ application for suspension of her sentence on the basis of a grotesque statement, that if she was released she would be likely to commit offenses! Offenses based on the “discovery” of a DNA sample, so small that it could belong to many others, that even the official state experts admit to. While at the same time the same judges release from prison until their trial, murderers, neo Nazi killers and drug dealers, thus proving that above all what the greek justice system ultimately seems to consider a crime, is having fellow or friendly relations with anarchists.

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