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#RefugeesGR: Solidarity Activists from Lesvos Call Hunger Strike

Today marks the 22nd day of the hunger strike of Arash Hampay and the 23rd day of Amir Hampay (brother of Arash), Arash Bahroz and Hussein Kozhin in the Moria camp at Lesvos, Greece. Yesterday activists at Lesvos started a rotating solidaity hunger stike.


Image by Mosaik Support Center Facebook page.

Published by Enough is Enough

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

More and more people start to intensify there resistance against the imprisonment and inhuman treatment of refugees in detention centers like Moria at Lesvos. Yesterday activists started a rotating solidarity hunger strike at the Greek island.

In a statement from July 19th, which people can sign on, the activists wrote: “Today marks the 22nd day of a hunger strike by imprisoned asylum seekers on the island and Day 1 of the Solidarity Activists Lesvos #freedomstrikelesvos in solidarity with their call for justice, freedom and dignity. The hunger strikers are calling on activists overseas to show their support by fasting for 24 hours and sharing the hashtag on social media.”

Arash Hampay, one of the hunger strikers, published a statement on his Tumblr page yesterday:

It is the 21st day of my hunger strike and the 22nd day of the hunger strike for #HusseinKozhin, #AreshBahroz, #AmirHampay.

Today i am not going to talk about the UN, the Police, or the People. I am not going to complain about the pain I feel or the awful symptoms of starvation. Today new blood has been infused into my body. I want to talk about that pure blood.
Recently there have been a few heros in my life. Today, I want to acclaim my new heros. Gabriela.

Gabriela Shapazian is a beautiful and kind girl from Brazil. She has chosen to move away from her mother, her family and her country. She was not forced into a life of excile as a refugee and she is not here for business or vacation. This humble angle has crossed long distances and she has taken so many risks. She has done all this in order to help people who are suffering. She has offered protection that is as strong as a mountain for the men, women and children who have sought refuge in Europe. I won´t write too much here, I just want to say that Gabriela is on hunger strike today. She is on hunger strike to demonstrate her solidarity with me and the other imprisoned refugees that are on hunger strike in the Detention of Moria. Gabriela has committed herself to fast for 24 hours in order to defend us. Not through words, prayers and hope, but by experiencing hunger and withstanding it. With great honour, humanity and conscience, she is a teacher of morality for me in this time of moral collapse. Gabriela is at the best stage in her life. She should be focused on enjoyment, recreation, studies, and excitement. Yet, she has dedicated herself to struggle for my rights and the rights of other refugees. Alone, she wants to defend us against the UN, the STATE, and the Police.

Alas, my pen is too week and useless. I am not able to formulate the words to describe the importance and notability of this great struggle. However, this hero of mine does not need my acclamation.

Gabriela, I bow my head to you in humility for you and your great soul, for your compassionate thoughts, and for your honour. I bow my head to you and kiss your lovely hands as you kept my hope for humanity alive. You gave me new energy and new hope to continue struggling for our rights. I greet you, I greet you, I greet you a thousand times, for you became the most beautiful, the most powerful and the most venerable hero in my life. For me you are greater than Che Guevara. Thousands of Che Guevaras should learn from you.

I love you my sweet angel. I am gratefull for the lesson you have taught me.

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