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#RefugeesGR #Moria: Hunger Strike for Freedom Continues

Yesterday we reported that Amir Hampay was released from the Moria prison camp. Today we publish a statement by Arash Hampay, in which he wrote the hunger strike continues until Bahrooz Arash and Kozhin Hussein will be released from the Moria prison as well.


Published by Enough is Enough

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Statement of July 22, by Arash Hampay (This statement was originally posted on his Tumblr page where you also can find a version in the persian language)

Today marks the 25th day of #KozhinHussein and #BahroozArash’s hunger strike in the prison of Moria Camp. Today also marks the 24th day of my hunger strike in Sappho Square, the centre of Mytilini.

My brother was finally released yesterday after 24 days on hunger strike, yet Kozhing Hussein and Bahrooz Arash are still in the prison of Moria. Consequently, the three of us remain on strike. From the outset we stated that we would continue our hunger strike until all three people were granted freedom. Now that one of them has been released, surely the other two will be released soon.

Thankfully Amir has been granted access to a psycologist, however that right has not yet been given to Kozhin and Bahrooz. I doubt you can imagine what it feels like to be on hunger strike for 25 days. Perhaps you can’t imagine this feeling as you do not know what it is like to experience hunger for a mere two hours even. Unfortunately, you probably won’t understand how painful it is to live without food until you see us fall down dead. However, abstaining from food is not the only problem for the imprisoned hunger strikers. In prison they are being tortured and humiliated، and face inequality and forced exile.

It is very painful knowing that Kozhin and Bahrooz have committed themselves to this hunger strike untill death or until freedom. I can’t comprehend how you imagine this scene, this dance of theirs with death. How can you remain so indifferent? How can you standby without the urge to unlock their chains, the chains that have so unjustly bound their freedom? How do you sleep at night? Are you not haunted in your dreams? Do you really think you have feelings, a conscience, or a sense of honour? Do you think these fundamental human traits are still a part of your being? I do not believe that conscientious and honorable people can be so oppressive, that they can witness the gradual death of two young men and allow this injustice to continue.

Kozhin and Bahrooz! I know how painfull your situation is, and I know you may feel that no one can hear your voice because you do not have a brother to amplify that voice. Don’t worry, our comrades and the people working alongside us in solidarity are going to amplify your voice. We will continue doing so until the day of your freedom. I did not conclude my hunger strike with the release of my brother. I am still here. I am still waiting for your freedom my beloved comrades. I will be here until the day we can take a selfie together in the middle of town. I will not eat untill you are free. When you are free we will have your meal of freedom together.

We insist on the promise we made. We will remain on hunger strike until we celebrate our freedom together.

Image gallery: Facebook page Arash Hampay

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