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#RefugeesGR: Large Scale Police Operation at #Moria – Hunger Strike Continues

This morning many cops came into the Moria prison to search for people who’s asylum application was rejected. Dozens of people were arrested. The hunger strike of Arash Hampay,  Kozhin Hussein and Bahrooz Arash continues.


Image: Cops during clashes in the Moria prison last week. Image by United Rescue Aid Facebook page.

Published by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

At 06:30am several hundred cops entered the Moria prison and started to search and arrest dozens of people. The cops and military were cooperting with each other. Cops were especially looking for people who’s asylum application was rejected. According to several Tweets and Greek media reports the police operation was carried out to deport these people.

Cops were also searching (with pictures) for people who participated in last weeks protests in the Moria prison. People at Lesvos advice to avoid public transport today, because cops are also checking public transport.

Update (Tweet):


After the release of Amit Hampay from Moria prison, hunger strikers Arash Hampay, Kozhin Hussein and Bahrooz Arash continues. Arash Hampay published a statement on his Tumblr blog yesterday. Here is the full statement:

Yes you can
Yes, you can torture us, imprison us, humiliate us, do whatever your heart desires with us. You know well that refugees are the most refugeless, the lonliest and the most defenceless. If none cares for them and stands with them, none is going to defend them and opposes you for their sake. You know well that our governments are not like the governments of USA, CANADA, GERMANY and OTHERS who defend and protect their citizens when they are in trouble abroad and create international crisis for the sake of their citizens. If we had states who cared for us, we would not be refugees in your countries. We would not be tortured in your prisons. You know that well and you seem to be very comfortable with that knowledge.

Know very well, that we shall strike as we stroke in our country against injustices, and did not keep silent.

Both of us shall strike. You strike with your swords, your whips, your prisons but we shall strike with our pen and our candle. We do not strike the sword in the darkness in order to show our strength, we lit our candle. Our pen and our candle is more powerful than your sword. We know and you know that we shall defeat you in this DAVID VERSUS GOLIAT struggle. We are the people, you are the government. At last the meal of victory is going to be eaten by the people, as ever. Instead of applying a healing cream on our wounds, you apply salt. But let that pass as well.

#KozhinHussein, #BahroozArash has been hunger striking for 26 days. They shall be released as Amir Hampay was released. From this you will only inherit shame.
We insist on our promise. All three of us are going to continue our hunger strike untill the day when Bahrooz and Kozhin shall be released.

Arash Hampay

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