#RefugeesGR: Poster With Information About #FreeTheMoria35 & #PetrouRalli

Most of the refugees that were arrested after the clashes in the Moria camp on July 18th are still imprisoned. Here is a translation of the Moria part of a poster that is being spread in Greece.


Published by Enough is Enough. The Moria part from the poster was translated for Enough is Enough by Black Cat.

Yesterday we reported about the 35 refugees that were arrested after clashes that broke out because cops attacked peaceful protests inside the Moria prison at Lesvos on July 18th. Most of the 35 refugees are still imprisoned.

Comrades designed a poster with information about detained refugees in Petrou Ralli street (Athens) and the 35 refugees arrested in Moria.

On July 22 there was a solidarity protest at the Petrou Ralli prison in Athens, Greece. Migrants and refugees greeted the protesters but cops were forbidding to have contact with the protesters after a few minutes (image 4 and 5 of the image gallery below).

Image gallery: Protests at Petrou Ralli prison on July 22. Photos by Twitter account @pedioareos

Moria part from the poster; translated for Enough is Enough by Black Cat.

Detention, exploitation, poverty, marginalization, oppression and insecurity for the future are some of the things the most oppressed people in this world have to endure.

Immigrants remain indefinitely in squalid conditions and face a permanent threat of deportation, as prisoners in an extreme situation which serves poltiical and financial interests. On Tuesday 18/7, immigrants in Moria protested the delays in the processing of asylum applications and the living conditions by blocking the road outside the detention centre.

The cops responded with tear gas and violence which caused many injuries. 35 people were arrested and are now facing felony charges. Only one of the injured immigrants was examined and cared for at the hospital following the incident.


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