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Update #Mexico: Anarchist Prisoners Abraham Cortés and Fernando Bárcenas

Updates on Mexican anarchist prisoners Abraham Cortés and Fernando Bárcenas. Abraham is released now and  Fernando is out of isolation.


Image: Abraham Cortés.

Originally published by Its Going Down

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Abraham Cortés is free!

Update received on July 26:

This afternoon we received a phone call from compañero Abraham Cortés in which he told us that after more than three years in prison he is finally out after being granted early release.

We’re very pleased to share this news, as Abraham was rebellious prisoner during his entire time in prison, a compañero who always maintained a combative stance in the face of imprisonment.

Yet there are compañeros who remain behind prison walls…the struggle continues until we’re all free.

Anarchist Black Cross – Mexico


Fernando Bárcenas is out of isolation

According to the latest update from the Anarchist Black Cross – Mexico, on July 26 Fernando was transferred to general population thanks to the pressure and mobilization of individuals and collectives in solidarity. Below is another public letter from Fernando, dated July 25.

Dear friends,

I’m writing to inform you a little about my current situation. I’ve been taken to the Maximum Security Unit (MMS) where I’m now waiting for the reevaluation of the Technical Interdisciplinary Council to determine where I’ll be placed. Previously they put me in this unit claiming it was for my security, though in reality it’s for the security of the institution.

I’m grateful for all the gestures of solidarity from compañerxs who have done things to put an end to the segregation imposed on me for not accepting the subjugation of my dreams of freedom and for continuing with the projects that even now remain active, such as the alternative library that compañeros continue to build in the general population auditorium and El Canero, the newspaper of anti-prison action. The paper was discovered by the guards during the inspection of my belongings. It’s worth mentioning that upon being taken to the MMS, they warned me that they could kill me for what I say and that I should stop this edition of the newspaper, which for some time has not pleased the security staff. It’s also important to mention that the petition for conditional release is still in process. I filed it in order to reduce my prison sentence and finish it in “freedom.” Along with this, I should say that I don’t recognize the legal tools of the state. However, my situation has become complicated in prison and my well-being is at risk, so I am searching for a way to gain some relief.

That is why I am calling on all compañerxs to put pressure for a ruling on this petition which is of maximum importance for my security.

I’d also like to make a call for things to not get left to the side, to not act only when something serious happens. We shouldn’t let down our guard, we should always remain on alert, as in prison time passes in a different way. The life of a prisoner isn’t counted in years, but in hours, minutes, seconds…

This is an open shout for reflection on revolutionary solidarity which these days is very much lacking.

The continuity of this war declared on each and every one of us must come with accepting that the jail is everywhere, that we can take on the risk of living and feeling or lose it in the daily passing of lifeless days without freedom and without feeling. And that is why we’re still at war, until we’re all free.

July 25, 2017

Fernando Bárcenas

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