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#Athens #Greece: Call for Solidarity Gathering for Panagiotis Z.

Call for solidarity gathering for Panagiotis Z. on Thursday 3 August at Syntagma square, Athens, Greece at 07:00 pm (19:00) today.


Originally published by Athens Indymedia

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Statement by Solidarity assembly for Panagiotis Z.

Insurrection Violent Struggles…

On Tuesday, 25th July 2017, in an organized police operation, dozens of State Security Police arrested anarchist comrade Panagiotis Z. outside a friend’s home, following an “anonymous” phone call naming him as perpetrator of an arson attack against a vehicle of the fire department following a general strike demonstration in 2012. Throughout the following day, there was a strong presence of solidarity comrades, all the way from Evelpidon courts to the Prosecutor at the Court of Appeal (Loukareos), where, through brief procedures, the comrade was detained under the ridiculous pretext of not having a permanent residence. In addition, during the clashes that broke out with the cops, two other solidarity comrades were arrested.

The comrade’s arrest as well as its timing is far from coincidental. At a time when the social majority is being increasingly enslaved to the demands of economic tyranny, and social and class contradictions are exacerbated, the state machine is called to handle a multitude of challenges that threaten domestic capitalist normality, including the growing action of anarchists, the internal enemy of democracy. The uprisings of immigrants in detention centers and the ongoing mobilization in Greek prisons constitute expressions of the social conflict that is raging. The people of insurrection and anarchy that did not capitulate with the left-wing government but remained a dangerous enemy of the state and authority, are being attacked by the regime’s forces, whose interests – in spite of their inter-authoritative conflicts and skirmishes – converge on crushing anarchists. Thus, the diffusion of insurrectionary/revolutionary action in the metropolitan field and the attempts to rebuild a subversive vision, inevitably face the various political forces of counter-insurrection and counter-revolution. From the anti-anarchist rhetoric of politicians and journalists and the emergence of regime friendly groups of indignant civilians, to the eviction of squats and the pre-ordained judgments by the judiciary mafia against the political prisoners, what is attempted here is the intimidation of those who resist, rebel, revolt, paving like this the way for the imminent escalation of repression, assisted by the servility of the peaceable spectators. As a result, there is targeted repression of the diverse anti-statist communities, of which Panayiotis is a part.

Far from the logic of victimization and obedience, and against the binary of innocence and guilt, our position is clear. We stand by those who fight with rage and conscience against the existing system of oppression and exploitation, against all forms of authority. Every blow against one of us is a blow against all of us and will not be unanswered.

Stay back narks. Go ahead comrades.



Call for solidarity gathering for Panagiotis Z. on Thursday 3 August at Syntagma square, Athens, Greece at 19:00

PS: We call for solidarity and support actions with our comrade Panagiotis Z.

Solidarity assembly for Panagiotis Z.

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