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#MoriaHungerStrike: Arash Hampay About #Moria Protests

Today we publish another statement by hunger striker Arash Hampay. Its a statement about the protests in front of the Moria protest camp on Saturday. Today is day 40 of his hungerstrike. The statement is from day 39 of his hunger strike.


Image: Protests in front of the Moria prison camp at Lesvos, Greece. Image by Arash Hampay Facebook page.

Originally published by Arash Hampay Facebook page.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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As we reported there were protests in front of the moria prison camp on Saturday. Here is a statement by hunger striker Arash Hampay about the protests.

Statement by Arash Hampay, August 6, 2017

The number was small but it was enough. Enough to calm our hearts. Enough to protect us from the cold winter of hatred. Enough to defend us against the ignorant and uncompassionate heart of the EU and the UN. Enough to give us new hope.
Yesterday was a good day for Europe and Greece. Yesterday a crowd of Europeans and Greeks gathered to shame Europe. They gathered to show their solidarity with the people who have come here to seek refuge, the people who have been tortured and incarcerated by European states as opposed to being given the refuge they need. These people were there to show that the deeds of European States do not fall in line with the beliefs of the people of Europe. They told us that we can always rely on the refuge of the people. They stood with us to protest against Greece and the EU.

I do not have the words to honour these angles. I do not know how to explain to them how difficult it was for me not to cry, to hold back my tears of joy when they were shouting demands for the freedom of refugees. I did not want to cry as I did not want the police to see my tears, they would only assume that I was crying due to tiredness and weakness. Yesterday was the day when some human-rights defending angels, the struggling angels of solidarity, showed their solidarity with us refugees by demonstrating outside the front gate of Moria Concentration Camp. They stood with refugees against the police. They demanded the freedom of refugees. They demanded to open the borders. They shouted out to say that we are all humans, we are all equal, and that we are all one. They said that borders and state boundaries have not been made by the people. They said that the people will always embrace refugees, suffering and vulnerable refugees, and their arms will always be open. They demanded the end of this fascist oppression. They demanded the abolishment of refugee captivity, to end deportation, to end these anti-refugee deals you have drawn up, and to end your refugee-related business. They demanded to stop deportations. They were shouting out these demands. I wanted to shed tears of joy. I wanted to shout with them. They put a visible mark of shame on the hateful face of the police and the fascist state.

I, #ArashHampay, am a refugee. I kiss your kind hands, all you compassionate people. I humbly bow my head to you in honour of your strong will, your love, and your love for humanity. To the police, the state, and the UN, you vile executioners did not listen to us, you remained ingnorant and indifferent to our screams of pain and to our dance with death. You remain like this because you have already stamped us with the barcode that labels us as refugees and non-citizens. Are you going to oppose your own people, your own citizens, and your superiors? Are you going to ignore the demands of your own people and citizens who have called for the liberation of refugees? Remove the walls and fences that you have built to seperate people from each other. Free the innocent incarcerated refugees. If you do not submit to the demands of the people, one day you will bitterly regret your actions.

We are the people! We are here. We are still upholding our vow. I am going to remain on hunger strike until the day of the freedom for Kozhin and Behrooz. We will continue our struggle until the borders are open and the walls are torn down. We will not compromise our demands. Freedom, Justice and Safety are our basic rights.

Arash Hampay, Lesvos, Greece on August 6, 2017

In another statement Arash Hampay wrote yesterday: “As the 39th day of my hunger strike is ending, there is still no news of freedom.”

Image gallery: Protests in front of the Moria prison camp at Lesvos, Greece. Images by Arash Hampay Facebook page.

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