#Tunesia: Fischermen Prevent #Cstar From Docking in #Zarzis

Local fischermen from Zarzis, Tunesia prevented the Cstar from far-right activists from docking in Zarzis.


Image: Fischermen in Zarzis, Tunesia. Image by Twitter account @Giu_Bertoluzzi.

Published by Enough is Enough

Yesterday we published a press release written by the North African Collective about the Cstar, a ship of far far right activists that called to prevent people from risking lifes at sea. The North African Collective called “for a massive mobilization to stop them from mooring, entering territorial waters, dealing or communicating with the crew: civil society, everyone in charge, sailors, coastguards, all sail ships’ captains, every party concerned in North Africa.”

On Saturday the far right Cstar ship was following the rescue ship Aquarius in front of the Libyan coast. There where no incidents reported. On Sunday the Cstar wanted to resupply in the Tunesian harbour of Zarzis, but fischermen announced to block the fascist ship. Faced with the prospect of being blocked by the fishermen in Zarzis, the ship moved up the Tunisian coast, and was expected by opponents tracking its path to try to land at either Sfax or Gabes today. But the fascists will probably face actions of local fischermen there as well. Chamseddine Bourassine, chairman of the local fishermen’s organisation of Zarzis, told reporters on Sunday: “If they come here we’ll close the refuelling channel”. Bourassine continued by saying: “It is the least we can do given what is happening out in the Mediterranean.” Bourassine concluded: “Muslims and Africans are dying.” 

A port official told reporters in Zarzis: “Us let in racists here? Never.”

Image gallery: Fischermen in Zarzis, Tunesia. Images by Twitter account @Giu_Bertoluzzi.

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