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Fascist Trolls Want to #DefendEurope With Substandard #Cstar Ship

The Cstar, which aimes to disrupt the work of search-and-rescue (SAR) ships saving refugees in the Mediterranean Sea, has sent out a distress signal due to “technical difficulties” earlier today. The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) in Rome who coordinate the SAR missions, then asked the SAR ship Sea-Eye to help the Cstar and its crew. The project of European fascist trolls is again a laughingstock.


Image: At 05:15pm the Cstar was moving again today but the backside of the ship is hanging deep in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Its not easy to defend Europe for the fascist trolls on the Cstar. Defend against what? Well until now the Cstar is defending refugees against the fascists aboard of their ship. And thats good; the inhumane goal of the fascist group is to disrupt the rescue missions that work hard to save lifes in the Mediterranean Sea. The groups and NGO’s who are carrying out the search and rescue missions, are doing the job that EU member states are not willing to do.

The wannabe heroes abourd of the Cstar are again and again a laughingstock. After being stopped and searched at Suez Port in Egypt, the captain of the ship was arrested in Northern-Cyprus, while at the same time the Tamil crew asked for asylum in the Turkish controlled part of the island. This could have been the opening scene of a new Monthy Python movie if the goal of the mission would not have been as disgusting as it is.

After the disaster in Egypt and Northern-Cyprus, the Cstar tried to dock on Crete (Greece) but failed. In Tunesia fischermen prevented the fascist trolls from docking in Zarzis. The Cstar wasn’t able to buy fuel and other supplies. Earlier the Northern African Collective called to prevent the Cstar from docking in Northern-African harbours, saying Defend Europe activists should go home.

Today the Cstar crew has sent out a distress signal due to “technical difficulties”. The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) in Rome who coordinate the SAR missions, then asked the SAR ship Sea-Eye to help the Cstar and its crew. The official Twitter account of the Defend Europe campaign tweeted that they are not in distress (screenshot below).


German rescue organisation Sea-Eye posted a statement on their facebook page, saying it had been contacted by the EU Naval Force’s (EU NAVFOR) Operation Sophia after it had been notified that the C-Star was unable to move.

BuzzFeed News wrote that EU NAVFOR spokesperson Captain Ettore Ruiu confirmed to them “that a patrol aircraft had spotted C-Star in international waters near Libya at 9.00 a.m. local time (3.00 a.m. ET) having experienced an engine breakdown.”

BuzzFeed News  also wrote that: “The Italian marine rescue service in Rome, the MRCC, informed Sea-Eye that its cutter was the closest vessel to the C-Star, and so was dispatched to help.”

In a second statement on Facebook the Sea-Eye crew said that they had radio contact with the far-right extremists aboard of the Cstar when they approached the ship, but the Cstar crew refused the help of the Sea-Eye ship.

Uk-based organisation “Hope not Hate” issued a statement in which the organisation said:

“Despite the irony of the C-Star requiring assistance from the very NGO ships they so desperately want to be removed from the Mediterranean Sea, there is a much more serious issue at play here.

We have long been worried about the state of the C-Star and its fitness to carry out the dangerous Defend Europe mission. We have spoken to numerous maritime experts who have studied hundreds of images of the vessel and raised serious concerns regarding the ship being substandard.

As such HOPE not hate has drawn up a formal complaint and request for an immediate inspection known as a Port State Control Inspection and will be reminding all port States have an obligation under the Paris Memorandum of Understanding (Paris MoU) to prevent the operation of substandard ships.

Alongside anti-racists groups from across Europe HOPE not hate have helped undermine Defend Europe at every turn. From defunding their mission and revealing their ship’s owner’s criminal past, to helping close numerous ports to their ship and delaying them to the point that they have had to pay unprecedented amounts for their fuel, we have shown that their ineptitude and naivety knows no end.

We will be distributing this formal complaint to the relevant authorities and will continue to work with Port Authorities in the Mediterranean.

Both the mission and now – as is increasingly obvious – the ship itself, is a danger to both themselves, others operating in the Mediterranean Sea and the very refugees they claim to be saving.”

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