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#WelcomeUnited Demonstration in #Bochum, #Germany

Welcome United Demonstration in Bochum, Germany on September 9th. Starting point: at 1 pm at Josef-Neuberger-Straße, close to the main station. Solidarity with refugees! Stop Deportations! No Borders!


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Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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Demonstration on 9th september 2017 in Bochum, Germany, as part of the Action Days „We’ll come United

Solidarity against separation – Humanity against the shift to the right
Starting point: at 1 pm at Josef-Neuberger-Straße, close to the main station

The summer of 2015, the ’summer of migration‘, strongly endures in our memory, also in the Ruhr area.

With the breakthrough in the Balkan route the EU border regime was suspended for a few months. It was the temporary peak of the fight for freedom of movement in Europe. The refugees fought hard for a right to live in security and arrived in the countries of central Europe, which had been ’spared‘ from larger number of refugees until then.

Many were hopeful: The pictures of the ‚train of hope‘, the spontaneous support by thousands of people and the countless newly founded support-networks allowed us to dream of a new, collective togetherness in solidarity.

Two years later, disappointment, resignation and despair have manifested themselves. Parallel to the campaign of the alleged ‚welcome culture‘ since 2015 the German and European politics of separation has been continuously extended.

While today ‚welcome culture‘ is only occasionally mentioned – whereas supposed integration problems, criminals and the necessity of deportations are constantly talked about – more and more refugees die daily in the Mediterranean than ever before. And instead of asking, what conditions forced people to a life threatening flight, humanitarian missions to save people from drowning are attacked politically. Racist attacks on refugees are daily occurrences as are deportations and expulsions from our cities.

We want to fight against this hardening and our own resignation and take to the streets: We don’t want to watch people die due to an artificially constructed Fortress Europe. We don’t want to accept, how our new friends are expelled from our cities and deported. We don’t want to sit still, while politicians collect right wing votes with their racist slogans, asylum law restrictions and construct new boundaries between the people that live here.

We will continue to fight against the isolation and the deprivation of rights of the people whose life has lead them here.

For us ‚refugees welcome‘ is still true as well as same rights for all! A different politics for refugees and migrations is possible and has to come!

We stand up for cities of solidarity in the Ruhr area and everywhere else, for a right to a good life, for a life together here that is fit for human beings.

Which is why we call on you: Come to our demonstration on the 9th of September at 1 pm in Bochum!

We will demonstrate two weeks before the general elections and as part of the weeks of action ‚We’ll come united!‘, which will find their end with a parade for participation, equal right and solidarity on the 16th of September in Berlin.

  • For the right to leave and to come: Stop the dying!
  • For the right to stay: Stop the fear!
  • For the right to solidarity: Break the silence!
  • For the right to equal rights: Stop racism!
  • For the right to stay: Let’s put an end to global injustice

crowdfunding15aSome people of the Enough is Enough team will join Cars of Hope on their mission in Greece (Athens). Support refugees in Greece! Crowdfunding campaign: Click at the banner (at the left) to donate.

Read more about the support work for refugees in Greece by Cars of Hope; here.

Please support the Cars of Hope Wuppertal Crowdfunding Campaign for refugees in Greece:

You can also support the work of Cars of Hope with donations on their bank- or Paypal account:

Paypal account:

Bank account for donations:

Name of account holder: Sozialtal e.V.

Iban: DE80 3305 0000 0000 6968 49


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